West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Monday, February 27, 2017

" It was awesome to be back in Martin…”

Hey everyone! Well we had a good last week, lots of cool things this week! And some fun pictures too. 

So last Tuesday we had our Zone Conference. It was awesome! It's always awesome to have President Salisbury with us for the day! We talked a lot about how to better teach repentance. I really liked what we discussed. One of the things that stuck out was "If we want to help others repent, then we need to be repenting ourselves". I really believe that it is true. Christ, while He was sinless, showed us this principle because He lived perfectly everything He taught. Then I got to go on exchanges with Elder Halterman down in Martin!! 

It was awesome to be back in Martin, but super weird at the same time. It was like deja vu, but in a good way. I was able to interview the Smith family they've been teaching the last little while for baptism and they were awesome. I didn't get to see too many people, but it was awesome anyways. I also heard that Cathy has been doing better and has been getting a ride to church now (she moved out from Sis. Taylor's place) and she had surgery to fix her lip and so now she's easier to understand! Martin is still awesome, I miss that place! 

We got to teach Madi again this last Saturday about the Plan of Salvation and it went really well. She had a lot of really good questions and she committed to baptism on the 8th of April!! She's been reading the Book of Mormon and praying and she's really feeling it! She told us how she got an answer to her prayer about help with school, and it was pretty cool to see how quickly she's getting answers to her prayers! Keep her in your prayers! 

Our fireside went really well this last Saturday! We had some awesome testimonies given and the Spirit was really strong. We didn't have as many people as we were hoping, but it was still a powerful event! We talked all about prayer and getting answers to prayers and how it helps us become converted to the gospel of Christ. The Welches had a daughter who just got back from the Arizona Scottsdale mission and she even helped out with bearing her testimony even with short notice. 

Then yesterday we got to teach Kayla and her friend James the restoration!! So, they moved from their apartment and now have more room and it's definitely a nicer place, so that's good:) It was cool to be able to see them again. Kayla told us how she has continued praying on her own and has been trying to improve her prayers, so that was pretty awesome to see. Other than that, the week was pretty normal. Oh, except my dreams. I don't know what I've been eating but I've had some pretty darn funny dreams, too many to email about really. If you want to hear some, email me about it:) 

Elder Webb and I got a cool chance to go and give a blessing to a super new premature baby that didn't even have a name. That was an experience for sure. It kind of got me interested in looking at NICU jobs as an option for me. I definitely felt impressed by it.

So, going back to Zone Conference, I wanted to mention a little more about the idea of living what we teach/believe. It is one thing to understand the gospel and it's doctrines, but it's another thing to really live it and put it into action. That is where the power of God is found, in our faithful actions. I know that this is a true principle and I want each of you to think of something that you can better live in your life. 

Hope you all have a good rest of the week and stay warm and safe!! And always remember that chocolate pancakes are better than pancakes with syrup 🍫🍮

Take luck!!

Elder Goold 

Selfie with people who I thought were looking, but weren't

Elder Halterman 

Elder Webb

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