West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Monday, February 13, 2017

"That guy ran a red light like a champ...."

Heyloo!! I hope everyone is doing swell wherever you are reading this, whether on a bus or a couch or any other sitting device. It's been a good last few days, lots of fun stories and cool people!

So we got to teach Tom again last Thursday, which was great! He really has a desire to know the truth, but we've got to work with him to act on that desire. He's really busy, especially as a foreign exchange student, but we read from the Book of Mormon with him and I think it really helped him get excited to read it! The Book of Mormon truly is the word of God and someone can know the truth of God's existence and His love by reading that Book, I know it! 

We got to teach another guy named Jeff last night. He is a college student here doing BioChem and he's really nice. We had a really good lesson with him and I really think he felt the Spirit! We are going to go and see him on Friday this week! We still haven't got to see the B family again, Bro. B has been really sick, but he's getting better, so keep them in your prayers!!

We're organizing a fireside here for the 25th all about conversion! We're focusing on getting answers to our prayers, so that's pretty exciting!! We're really pumped for all of the participation and we are hoping it goes well. We have a lot of great members here, it's just getting things rolling with them, that's what needs to happen. We had ward conference this last week as well which was sweet. President Cox is awesome, he gave a really good talk about the Atonement and justice/mercy. Super good!! And it's kinda funny, the way he holds his hand reminds me of the Cat in the Hat:) Haha, but he's awesome. 

Okay, so to explain my email title: Elder Webb and I were driving down 5th Avenue and I was turning right. Then two cops roll up behind me. (Note: it was warm and so we had the windows down) After the light turned green, I make my turn and one of the cops flies up beside me and yells "Hey, hey!!!!" at me through the window. So I stopped the music and slowed down and replied "Yeah?" Then he said back "So that car in front of you, yeah, that guy ran a red light like a champ, so could I just sneak in front of you and pull him over really quick?" 😐 "Uh, yeah, go for it" So then he pulled the guy over. It was pretty darn funny. Not to mention I almost died when I cop started yelling at me while I was driving. Oh, we also came around a corner the other day to find some guy OD on some drug in the middle of the street. So that was lovely:)

Something I really liked from this last week actually came from our District meeting. We discussed recognizing the Spirit and Elder Tunell had a really cool visual. He wrote the word "SPIRIT" up on the board and then asked us some things that we liked that could possibly distract us from the Spirit. Then each thing we came up with, he wrote that word over "SPIRIT" and after just 3 or 4 things, you can't even tell the Spirit is there or recognize it. That really left an impression on me, especially since I get really easily distracted (no surprise there). I want to challenge each of you to think of something you can take out of your life that is just a distraction!! Or even just set a short time away from distractions for feeling the Holy Ghost. He's a lot more willing to be with us than we are willing to have Him! 

Anyways, it hasn't been super long since we emailed last, so that's about all the exciting news for now. Hope you're all doing well and staying safe!! Keep up the good stuff!

Take Luck

Elder Goold 😬

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