West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

“Love is really so key in everything we do.”

This last week and a day has been something that's for sure!! I'll give you some highlights! 

First, it's been really warm the last few days, which has been really nice. It's been changing back and forth like crazy from warm to cold. But the warm just gets me excited to be able to walk more than drive. I really like walking, haha!

Someone that we got to teach this last week was Tom! So Tom is from Thailand originally. He's been in WV for about a year. Elder Kropushek and Elder Curtis originally met him last semester and he was really into the gospel! He's Buddhist but he really wants to know if God is there and if Christ is the Savior. He read a lot of the Book of Mormon and came to church once, but after Thanksgiving break last semester, we lost contact with him, right before I got here. But we got to see him last Thursday and it went really well. He has so many good questions, especially about repentance and baptism. He is really sincere and even offered to pray (in Thai ) at the end of the lesson! We are really excited for him!!! 

Basically that was the most exciting thing, or at least the best things to email about!  We haven't been able to see Kennedy. We'll see him and have a really good lesson but then he is pretty uncommitted for return appointments, so we go a few weeks without ever hearing from him, but I think he'll come along eventually! 

The B Family came to church this last week!! We didn't get to visit them last week because Bro. B has been out of town, but we're going to see them tomorrow. We'll likely have to move their daughter's baptism back a little but she'll be ready. She really loves church! 

Something else that is exciting, we are starting to roll out a Self-Reliance initiative throughout the stake. The idea is pretty self-explanatory. It's going to help anyone who comes improve in a variety of ways, whether it's a personal business or budgeting or how to get a job or read or anything. It's a really good project for this area and, as a benefit, we as missionaries may have a way of helping out in the program! It will be nice because it shows the gospel from a different perspective and I really feel it's the perspective this tri-state area needs. 

The rest of the time, it's been a lot of finding, which isn't really a bad thing, I really like it and it's definitely entertaining.  We talk to a lot of the students here and we are going to be doing presentations to student associations soon so that will be pretty awesome! 

I really like this quote from President Thomas S. Monson, so I wanted to just include it in my email. Love is really so key in everything we do. If we have pure love for what we do or for those around us, life is so much easier!! 

The Martin Ward (where I previously served) has had 2 baptisms the last two weekends - I love that place.  Transfers are tomorrow and there are 4 new missionaries coming to our Zone - it’s going to be fun!  Oh and Elder Burgerner and Elder Baggett are both going to be Zone Leaders!

I have pictures this week (and not just one!!) so I'll put those on and you can enjoy:) Hope y'all have a great week and stay safe!!! 

Take luck and take good care of it!

Elder Goold!🙃

Huntington District:  Elder Hanson, Elder Webb, Elder Wasden, Elder Tunell, Sister Van Tassell, Sister Wheatley,
Elder Christensen and I

We went to an art museum last week

A really sweet hand-made glass sculpture

The smallest gun I have ever seen

I FINALLY got to see a Cashew Fruit Tree!!!!!!
Did you know that Cashews come from a fruit? 

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