West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

“High Five!...High Five!..come on...YEAH!!”

We had interviews with President Salisbury yesterday, so p-day was moved to Tuesday this week.  Soo! We did a lot of good things this week but not much came from it sadly. That's just how it goes sometimes! 

We had MLC last Tuesday ,which was awesome! We got to discuss a lot of cool things and I also got to see Elder Baggett, Elder Burgerner and Elder Willie!! Picture attached. We had a conundrum however with accidentally loading up a box of supplies that wasn't ours. So Thursday we had to drive half way and meet the Assistants to swap and that destroyed our miles (we get a certain number we can drive each month). 

We got to teach an awesome guy named Ethan on Saturday. He is a Marshall student and grew up in WV. He, however, never grew up in any church and doesn't really have too many beliefs but likes to learn AND he loves to read in general, so the Book of Mormon is like his new favorite thing. We talked with him first on Wednesday and we taught him the Restoration on Saturday. He had already read the first half of 1 Nephi and really liked it. We're going to see him again tomorrow and then again this next Saturday!  

We had a lot of good appointments set up for this week, but a lot of them had to reschedule. We are making good ground, but it's slow. Ethan was really the only person we got to visit and teach. Huntington is definitely not the easiest place for missionary work. We're trying to work with the members, but it's hard to get them excited because most people seem to be hopeless for the area, due to how bad it is. In fact, there was a shooting 2 days ago on the same street as some of our investigators live on, we usually walk that street every other day or so. But we're working to fix that hopelessness! 

Something great I wanted to share this week was a talk Elder Webb and I listened to by Elder Oaks. It was given back in 2000 called "The Challenge to Become." SUPER GOOD!!!! 10/10, would recommend. Seriously, I hope everyone who read this checks out this talk. It helped me better understand how having a testimony and believing is good, but our testimony isn't just supposed to sit on a shelf, but it should change who we are into the best we can be! That's apart of the amazing power of the Atonement of Christ. 

So last night I had a crazy time. Elder Webb said, and I quote, "at 1 in the morning I woke up to you saying "High Five!...High Five!..come on...YEAH!! Ok, another! High Five!!!... yeah!!! Hey, hey, high five!.. Come on... yeah!!" I thought that was pretty funny. I don't remember dreaming about any sort of high fives, but I did have a dream where I got kicked out of an elementary school because someone asked if there was ever any scripture in the Americas and I said "yes" but the principle was Anti-Mormon and so he kicked me out. I think something weird flips in my head whenever I sleep, I'm not sure. Pretty funny though! 

Anyways, have a great week and stay safe! Do good and 🐝 good!

Take luck! 🍀

Elder Goold

From Mission Leadership Council last Tuesday

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