West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Monday, February 20, 2017

"Hill Billy Hotdogs, exchanges and more…”

Well this last week was definitely exciting! Lots of fun stuff happened, that's for sure🙋 And it was warm-ish just about all week, which is always great as a missionary. 

First, we did a lot of running around: We had a new senior couple move in from Arizona, so Wednesday we went with Elder and Sister Scott to re-open their apartment, which included a trip to Home Depot. Then to thank us, the Scotts took us to Hill Billy Hotdogs for lunch (super funny place, look it up!). Super good hotdogs and deep-fried pickles!!! Then Saturday we helped Elder and Sister Traynor (the new couple) get settled and showed them around Huntington. 

So we got to teach some new people this week! Kelsey was the first girl we taught with Brother Webb on Thursday night. She had a really good friend back home in Parkersburg who is actually on a mission now, so she was open to talking to us! It was a really good lesson and she is going to come to church next week! She didn't this week because she was out of town for the weekend, but next week she committed to it! 

Friday we got to go on exchanges with the Elders that serve in Ashland. We did exchanges where both Elder Stephens and Elder Johns came to Huntington and we both worked in our area. I was with Elder Stephens and we had a pretty good day. We contacted a lot of members about the fireside we are having soon and we found a pretty cool guy named Michael who used to play baseball for Marshall University. It was pretty fun and we had a lot of good work with 2 sets for the day. That was good (pictures included). 

So for some good news! We found out Saturday morning from the Barboursville sisters that Kayla has moved back with her family in Huntington, so now she's back!!!! They are moving this whole week to a new place still in our area, but that was super-awesome to hear that she's back. We are going to go and try and see them all later this week and teach them again. Yeah, I was pretty pumped about it, but Elder Webb still hasn't even met her. I'm pumped!!!!

Then Saturday we had a lesson with a girl named Madi with Brother Clarke. That was an awesome lesson too. We were really impressed with how receptive she was. The Spirit was really strong during that whole lesson and she had already read some of the Book of Mormon before we taught her, so we are really excited for her. She lives with her mom and brother right now and so we are hoping to teach them as well and get them all into it! 

Last night, we got to teach Brian and Angie, a couple from China! But it was a good bit different than usual from most Chinese people we teach, because they both speak good English and Angie is already Christian! We also aren't sure if her mom is a member, but Angie said her mom back in China would go to the Mormon church on Sunday and even brought her a few times. But wow, that was a crazy lesson. Brian is really, really, smart and so he was asking really good questions about the whole plan of salvation left and right and it was awesome! We invited them to the fireside and we are going to go back on Friday to teach them more. 

I decided to study faith in Jesus Christ this whole last week and wow! I gained so much more from that than I thought I would. I didn't necessarily learn anything groundbreaking, but I gained a stronger testimony that as we study the doctrine, our behavior changes faster than by studying behavior. I challenge all of you to thoroughly study a doctrine or Christ-like attribute you want to have more in your life and see if studying it doesn't help!

“True doctrine, understood, changes attitudes and behavior. The study of the doctrines of the gospel will improve behavior quicker than study of behavior will improve behavior.” - President Boyd K. Packer

Take extra luck this week, just for fun

Elder Goold😬

Elder Webb and I at Hill Billy Hotdogs

Foggy Morning in Huntington
Elder Johns doesn't like papparazi

Exchanges with Elder Stephens

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