West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

"Transfers!!! We are teaching a millionaire."

Well this week is transfers, and tomorrow, sadly, Elder Vai will be leaving WVU after 6 months to go to the backwoods of West Virginia. He'll have great fun. My new companion will be Elder Roberts! Not sure anything about him, other than he has been on his mission less than me. Weird! Well, this week was a fun one! #chinesesoda

Last Monday, we harvested some more bamboo and bought pool noodles to make our own weapons to fight Luther with! That will be interesting, but they seem to work pretty well.

We were able to see Wenjie a few times this week and he is doing well. He speaks English so much clearer than the first time we met with him. He still gets a lot of Gospel words mixed up though. We taught him about more of the Plan of Salvation and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He even invited one of his Chinese friends to come and learn too! Funny story. We asked him to read chapters 11 and 12 in the Gospel Principle book to learn more about the Life of Christ. But he ended up reading 11 and 12 in Mosiah, which talks about "the King of the Noa-ih" as Wenjie put it. So that was interesting! He also talked to us about what he does for work. Since his boss is out of town on vacation, he basically gets to work on whatever he wants, and recently he has been working a lot with stocks. He told us that in the 3 short months he has been in the United States, he has made 150,000 dollars!!!!! That is nuts! And apparently in China, 150,000 US dollars is 1,000,000 Chinese dollars. When he explained that and smiled saying "I am China millionaire!" It was hilarious. We are almost constantly laughing at his house. There is just too much funny stuff at his house. Anyways....

We taught Natalia with Brad on Friday and it went really well. She is super prepared and wants to follow Heavenly Father, but she realizes that ultimately she needs to know if the Book of Mormon is true and if she should be baptized. She is praying a lot about it, so we are praying for her as well, we know she'll get an answer.

So last week I mentioned Julia, the girl who knows Luther. Well, we were able to teach her about the Restoration of the Gospel on Friday and then the Plan of Salvation on Monday! She is super awesome and actually reads, which is very nice! She is super interested in the Book of Mormon and is really searching for truth. She also made a point in our Plan lesson about the Atonement, which was definitely unique. I'll include it in my spiritual thought though!

We also got to teach Gui and Nicole again, which of course went super well. We taught them simply about studying the scriptures daily and praying as a family. Then, we got to take them on a church tour of the Cheat Lake building, which went really well, they totally loved it! We are super excited for September when they will all be able to come to church! He is doing really well with living the word of wisdom too! From what we could understand, he hasn't been drinking coffee any more, which is really an answer to prayers. We are really excited for him and he can definitely tell the difference.

It has been getting more difficult recently with finding people because the longer into the summer we get, the more we run out of places to go, but it will all be okay, we have faith to still find people, no matter how hidden in Morgantown they are!

We have had a good time meeting with and teaching members this last week. We basically knew Elder Vai was leaving, so we got to visit with a lot of people for goodbyes. For the small amount of members here over the summer, many of them are real awesome. I will miss it here, whenever I leave.

So something that I have thought about the last day or so came from our lesson with Julia. She noted that Christ suffering the Atonement seemed almost like an abusive relationship (which caught us off guard for a moment). But the more I thought about it, it kind of makes sense for someone to think that, growing up outside the church. In reality though, all that Christ ever went through was purely because of His love for each of us. The Atonement and its cleansing power is really the influence that converts someone to the Gospel, because the Atonement is so unique in it's application to life. Nothing else helps strengthen me like it, nothing removes burdens and brings peace like it, and the best part is: everyone can feel that same influence. It is universal and I hope that throughout this upcoming week, each of you can find that power and use it to bless your life.

Hope you all have a great, safe week!!

Take Luck,

Elder Goold

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