West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

"LARPing, Chinese Food, Saying no to beer, and many blessings from Heaven"

Well, as my email heading might imply, this last week was absolutely nuts. SOO, lets begin.

Last Monday we went to a park to LARP with Luther Raleigh. LARP you may ask? What is that? Live Action Role Play. Basically we got some foam swords and had some awesome sword battles. It was so much fun. 10/10 would recommend.

Tuesday morning we got to teach this girl Natalia. She was taught last fall and has been dating a returned missionary in another ward. She had been going to church with him since school got out and she said she felt Spirit prompt her to meet with us again! So we had an awesome lesson with her and she loves church!

We also got to teach Gui and Nicole again, while on exchanges, which went soooo well. As you can imagine, teaching the Word of Wisdom isn't always taken the best, but Gui literally just asked, well what do I do if I don't drink Coffee any more? What should I drink instead? He had absolutely no doubt that it is a commandment and that he would follow it!

So Wednesday we were just riding the bus home and this guy, Robert gets on the bus. No one else was there and we just started talking. He was just super open and happy to talk to us! He took a Book of Mormon and really just wanted to read about Christ teaching the people! We then got to teach him on Friday and it went so well. It was kind of crazy how enthusiastic he was about it all! We gave him a church tour and everything, so we'll be seeing him again very soon!

We got to teach Wenjie a few more times and it has been going well. He actually invited us over for dinner on Sunday! He said "we can have dinner and drink the beer!" to which we replied "No! No beer Wenjie!". He then looked very confused and asked "No beer, cause Jesus?" "Yes, that is exactly right." It was so dang funny. Then when we had dinner and it was awesome. We ate with sweet chopsticks and everything. There was raw salmon and ribs and cucumber and zucchini and weird Chinese black mushrooms and "fruit salad" (fruit covered in Mayo, ahah). It was so great. There were also some of his Chinese friends there and they offered us beer as well, so I got some practice at saying no to beer J.  Wenjie is progressing really well though, he is learning really well and his English is much much better.

Friday we decided to bike out towards Bert's house and try some more apartments. We rang the doorbell of one house and waited like normal and no one came, so we walked around the corner. Then, we hear someone open and look outside, so to avoid awkwardness, we hide under the nearest stairwell. Well, while we are crouched kind of hiding, this guy decided to walk around to see who it was and finds us strangely crouching. So we just acted normal and started talking.  It turned out to be a Nigerian guy literally just in his boxers. It was so funny, never a boring day here!

 Saturday we had an appointment with an investigator, Jake, but he wasn't there. We were thinking of going to try some other potential investigators we had, but we decided to try another nearby investigator who we recently stopped visiting as frequently. He didn't answer the door, but his best friend, Julia, did. We talked with her a little bit and it turned out that she actually set a goal this new year to spiritually grow!! She even knows a member of our ward and is good friends with him! She was really interested in the Book of Mormon and eternal families! We are very excited to get to teach her this week! It's really been awesome to find so many great people this last week.

That is basically the summary of what happened this whole last week. This next week will be full of all sorts of excitement, especially with Transfers next week already! Elder Vai will probably be out of here sadly, it's been really great working with him.

Something that I really liked about my studies this week is about Faith in Jesus Christ. There are mainly 5 points of which we have faith in Him.  1) Faith that He is the Son of God and the Savior  2) Faith that He is truly the only way to return to live with God  3) Faith to where we apply His teachings and Atonement daily  4) Faith to trust Him  5) Faith that He can fulfill all His promises. I remember my MTC teacher taught me how we can always "measure" our faith on these points. Then as we apply His teachings to test them, we can increase our faith, as long as we are really open. I know that Christ is the Son of God and that He loves all of us. I hope you all feel that as well and if you don't, try to feel it, because it is there!

Anyways, I hope all of you have a great next week; stay safe, say your prayers and have fun!

Take Luck,

Elder Goold

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