West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

"Elder Roberts is my new companion."

Hola! These last few days have been a real adventure! Transfer Day was Thursday and I was up much earlier than I had ever desired on a mission and Elder Vai hit the road down to Ravenswood WV. He'll do great down there! Elder Flint and I spent a good portion of the day together (another transfer day together, haha) and then the Zone Leaders arrived with our new missionaries. Like I said last week Elder Roberts is my new companion, I'll talk about him a little bit.

Elder Roberts is from Mesa Arizona. He and I are born on the same day, same year! Totally random, right? He likes to mountain bike and play video games and be goofy. He kind reminds me a lot of Jackson (Goold of course). He has been out for 6 months now and he previously served in Cowen, WV. He is a good missionary, we're getting more used to each other so it's all good!

Friday we were able to talk with Brother M. (Gui) about tithing and fast offerings and it went really well. This next week we are going to talk with him about baptism, so, we are super excited for that! We also taught Sister S., an older Catholic lady. Our lesson with her went really well and we will probably send the other missionaries to teach her! It was super exciting and it was great because at first she said how she looked up Mormons on the internet for research, so we were concerned she thought we were absolutely crazy, but she didn't so that was a very nice bonus!

Saturday we found this super awesome guy named Nicco and we got to teach him right away. It went really well and we are going to see him on Thursday! Other than that, not a whole lot happened, Elder Roberts is definitely not used to walking or biking everywhere, so we've slowed down (literally), but it is all good in the hood.

Sunday we had an awesome time at church, I really loved all of the classes and talks. All of sacrament meeting focused on the Spirit and it's role in our lives and the Gifts of the Spirit. Then, we were able to teach Brother M. (Weinji)  about the Spirit, so that was a really nice Segway! Then to finish off the night we were able to talk with this really cool guy named Neron. He is African and is totally open and legit! He loved the idea of the Book of Mormon and really wanted to read it! We are going to try to see him again later this week.

Something that we've been talking about in our mission lately is calling our investigators Brother and Sister. At first it is kind of awkward, but it is actually really great. I never really thought about it much before, but it is a constant reminder how we truly are all sons and daughters of God and it brings such a strength and spirit when we have that as a part of our lives! 

Other than that, not much else has been happening, teaching the same people as usual and this next week will great! Elder Roberts is awesome though, so I am excited. Hope you are all doing well, stay safe and have fun!

Take Luck,

Elder Goold

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