West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Monday, June 27, 2016

"Flooding in Southern WV, the worst the state has ever had"

Hello everyone!

This last week has had lots of flooding in southern WV, the worst the state has ever had according to some of the members at church yesterday. But we are all safe up here in Morgantown, just some randomly crazy rains! White Sulfur Springs got it the worst, right next to Covington.  We are praying for all the missionaries and people in the affected areas for sure! The weeks here have been getting a little slower than before, buts still all good. 

So this week we taught Brother M (Wenji) about the Word of Wisdom. Let's just say he's not a very big fan of it, haha! He says that because he is not a member of our church, God’s commandments are not for him and he doesn't have to follow them... So that was a little bit difficult. He also wants to meet less because of his English class that he is taking. Sad day, but he still likes us.

We were also to meet and teach Brother M (Gui) and his family this week and it went so well! They have been saying prayers together as a family for a while now and are starting to read together more and more. And now, they are all on date to be baptized on October 1st, that way they can all come to church a few times first. They are really such amazing people and I am really excited for them to be baptized and come closer to God through covenants! Oh, and they also want to go to the temple afterwards, so yeah, they are all super awesome. 

We also got to visit with Nicco again and Brother Lazzel came with us. That was definitely a great idea, they are really similar and Brother Lazzel was able to help us teach really well. We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it all really clicked with him. And at the end, even though he had been reluctant the first few times we met, Nicco said he would come to church on either July 3rd, or the next Sunday if he was out of town for July 4th. He really loves reading the Book of Mormon and has been doing really well! 

Other than that, we had Specialized Training last Thursday, which was sweet. We talked a lot about Alma chapter 5, one of my favorites in the Book of Mormon. Then something that President pointed out was when Alma is asking the people "Can you imagine?" He asked us when we work, when we study, when we pray, "can you imagine the magnitude of what you are doing?" I think that it is a really good question to ponder, because lots of the daily things we do, we take for granted in how eternally significant they can actually be! 

Anyways, I admit, I totally blanked on photos for this week, so sorry for the lack of photos. Hope all of you are doing well, stay safe and don't get flooded, because it's not good! 

Take Luck,

Elder Goold!

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