West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

“Well, I’m out of Huntington”

Hey everyone! So this last week and a half has been pretty up and down. Lot's to share though! But first, like I already mentioned I'm getting transferred from Huntington! So now I'm headed to Ripley, West Virginia - which is in the Charleston Zone. Elder Vai, one of my previous companions, served there right after he was transferred from Morgantown. So that will be awesome! My new companion will be Elder Strunk. I really know nothing about him, so it will be good! Elder Moyle will be replacing me here in Huntington.

 Basically all of last week, Monday through Thursday we were in being sick and dying. 😷 but we are all better now (mostly).  So really nothing happened those days that's worth talking about, other than a referral we got, but I'll talk about that later! 

Just kidding I'll talk about it now. So we got a referral on Thursday for someone neither of us had ever met (pretty normal for referrals), but it said to go over asap, so we did just that! It turned out to be a less active, Brother “A”, but he is totally awesome. He joined the church about 6 years ago and then due to various problems he stopped coming and moved around. But he felt the difference in his life without the gospel and he wants to come back! So we've started teaching him and he came to church this last week (with some help and a ride) but he is legit! Super nice guy and loves the gospel! I got a picture with him yesterday! 

So since January, Brother “B” has been having a hard time with health and was back and forth between the hospital, but last week he got out and so we are going to see them again tonight! We've also found a couple solid people who have a lot of potential! 

Monday we went on exchanges with the Elders in Gallipolis, Ohio and I went with Elder Westberg! He's a new missionary being trained by Elder Christensen so that was fun! We got to teach the Law of Chastity to an atheist, so that was entertaining! Elder Westberg is from Colorado and he's a cool missionary! Got one last (potentially)picture with Elder Christensen, but maybe we'll see each other later before he leaves! 

Funny things that happened while being sick or in general: Last Tuesday I made a pie (like previously mentioned) and it wasn't executed super well, but it tasted good! Pudding doesn't freeze well like ice cream. Lesson learned and next time it will be better:). Then Thursday I also cut my face pretty darn good while shaving... oops!! Then another day (time unremembered) we were sick and sleeping when this pimpin' impala with spinner rims pulled up in front of the house blasting music for like 20 mins and it woke us up, so I got a picture! Then after stake conference Sunday we got a member referral (What!?!) but he was completely nuts. He ranted about how he was the person who gave the 7 headed beast from Revelations the wound in one of it's heads and that the world rests on the back of a whale! 

Sunday we had stake conference, which was awesome!!!!!! We had Elder Echo Hawk from the 70 come to speak! All of the talks were awesome! I didn't have a favorite but I really liked President Cox's talk about the necessities of the Gospel and how they don't get us anywhere without the Grace of the Savior which is "sufficient". He compared it to the "Necessary and Sufficient" term from Logic in Math, so that was pretty good. Then Elder Echo Hawk talked about miracles and talked about a mission in the Philippines!!! It was really inspirational. AND PROBABLY THE COOLEST PART; Austin King from Martin received the Melchizedek Priesthood this week!!!!!!!!! That was so flippin cool to see! I got to see a lot of people from Martin, so that was fun! 

Lots of pictures this week! Love you all and talk to you soon!!!! Keep up the goodness👐

Take Luck

Elder Goold

This is us being sick and trying to go and work :)

Pudding Pie to celebrate Pi Day

Tricked-out Impala blasting music

Elder Westberg and I

Elder Christensen and I

Brother Sebastian and I

Us with Sister Kirby

The Bevins Family

Brother Adams and I

The Welch Family!  Nathan is a kid with Down Syndrome next to me and he is awesome!  He loves the missionaries so I got a picture with them!

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