West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Monday, November 28, 2016

"Pumpkin Love"

Hey-lo! I hope all of you are had a great week especially with Thanksgiving! Hopefully you didn't eat too much. We had some good food at the Kirby's, especially the Pumpkin Love. Anyways...

Last Monday was fun, we ran around and played with a frisbee in the gym for a while. The rest of the night we worked on a report we had to present at Mission Leadership Council (MLC) on Wednesday. We had the Elders from Paintsville stay the night for the mission conference. Elder Willie and Elder Rawle are awesome.

Tuesday was an all day extravaganza with Elder Meurs. He is from Australia and is super nice, as I'm sure all leaders of the church are. He's a really well known engineer in Australia but just recently became a member of the 70 (leaders in the church who travel the world and teach). We talked a lot about finding people to teach, not just by knocking doors but by being creative. It sounds simple, but we had a huge discussion about all sorts of ideas and different ways to find. It was cool to get to see a lot of missionaries I knew as well. Elder Palmer and I got called up in front to do a role play of visiting part-member families and teaching them and working with the leadership in the ward. It was pretty exciting, haha. 

Wednesday was awesome too, Mission Leadership Council is legit. I feel like I learned so much about everything and especially how the mission runs. Elder Meurs and President Salisbury really have so much love for the gospel and the mission. I couldn't even begin to tell you 1/100th of what happened, it was like drinking from a fire-hose, but a good fire-hose. 

Thursday was sweet of course. We went over to the Kirby’s, like I mentioned earlier. Really good food, especially the Pumpkin Love. It was like pumpkin pie and heaven and angels combined into this weird pie-cake thing. 10/10 would recommend. Then we had some appointments, but a lot of people were just busy with the holiday, so it was pretty slow.

The rest of the week was pretty hard actually. A lot of our appointments have just been falling through lately, but it's been good work. We've found some pretty awesome families who were open to us coming back, so we are excited for this next week. All of the students for Marshall University are back as well, so we are going to be doing a booth for Christmas - It's going to be a party! Elder Palmer is awesome too. We're going to do a Christmas card, so prepare yourselves.

Anyways, I hope everyone who reads this email will also take a little time to check out mormon.org right now!!!!! It's all Christmased up and it's awesome. I really enjoy the theme for this year. It's all about how we can individually share the light of our Savior, Jesus Christ to the world. No matter who you are, you can serve those around you. Service really is such a special thing, because as we do it humbly and lovingly, we can feel Christ with us. He is there as we go about doing good. So check out the video and the calendar and I want each of you to do ONE THING a day for the initiative in order to Light the World. It will be awesome!

Stay safe out there and enjoy the cold as much as possible!!

Take Luck 

Elder Goold

Elder Vai and I

Huntington Zone

Mission Leadership Council

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