West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Monday, November 7, 2016

"November is here, off to a good start!"

Hey-there everyone!  Elder Baggett and I went to a science center at Big Sandy community college earlier today, which was sweet. I got to hold a bearded dragon and learn science. I miss school, haha. Anyways, this last week was totally awesome!

Last week we played basketball to end our p-day and then we went and did some community service in Maytown. There was a little community center we went to and we helped with Halloween games and organization and such, so that was fun.

Tuesday was sort of a let down compared to most other Tuesdays. On Tuesdays we go to Allen and Dwale which are the busiest places we go for a small as they are, but this week we had a lot of appointments fall through sadly. Regardless we did get to see a lot of people and we talked to one person in Dwale completely by "accident". People in our mission are pretty bad when it comes to addresses so we usually get real general directions to places when we get referrals. So we went to talk to this one referral we had and found another lady who was super interested in learning more!! She loves to read and has never read the Book of Mormon and willingly accepted it!  That was pretty awesome and we are going to see her tomorrow!

Wednesday was also kind of a slow day, we had a lot of people out in McDowell not answer but we did get one of the coolest text messages ever! We were teaching Thomas about the 10 commandments and the prophet and then Elder Baggett got a text message. Afterwards we looked at it and it was from Sean and April, April specifically!  We had committed them on Sunday to pray specifically and ask if the Book of Mormon is true. April said she had done everything we committed and that she was excited to tell us what happened! If that doesn't just kill a missionary and makes the hours drag on forever, I don't know what does. So yeah, we were excited.

Thursday we had the usual planning session for the week and then we headed back to Allen and Dwale to see a lot of the people we missed on Tuesday. We got to see Fudd, who is the father to a member here and his wife is less active. He is an awesome man and he came to church last week, not sure if I mentioned that, but Elder Baggett and I were speculating it was for their granddaughter’s talk. He's been taught before but we had a good lesson this week with him about learning as we read from the scriptures not just reading them. More on him later…Then we went back to the good ol' Job Corp and saw our newest investigator from there, Quinton Davis. We are really excited for him because he is awesome and actually read the Book of Mormon and took lots of notes! Now we need to just get him a ride to church! Then we went and saw...Sean & April! Well, not exactly. Sean was the only one home, April had to help out her niece. But Sean told us the news... Sunday night, after praying, April apparently had a dream about dying or something along those lines and she heard a voice, which she said was Christ’s and some other details. But the crazy part is what it meant! She looked up the dream on the internet as soon as she got up and the dream was interpreted to mean that "you have just received new-found religious beliefs into your life"!!!!!! Yeah, we flipped out and now she fully believes in the Book of Mormon! It's awesome sauce.

Friday was a good day. We had Zone Meeting in Huntington and I got to see Elder Kidd again (He was a zone leader my last 2 transfers in Morgantown) because he's the new assistant to the Mission President! He told me that there is supposed to be another baptism in Morgantown soon, so I emailed Elder Roberts and found out that Natalia is set for baptism on Nov. 19th!!  That is so awesome, she really was prepared and I'm sad I won't see it, but it's so great to hear!!!!!

Then I got to go on exchanges with the Elders in Hazard again. I was with Elder Hill in Hazard and the highlight (and the main reason for the trip) was to interview a sister for baptism!! She was the first person I have gotten to interview and it was awesome. She'll be getting baptized this next weekend!

Saturday we drove back to Martin, just in time for the baptism of Cathy! It was an awesome service and she invited a ton of people to come!!! She had 4 family members come and one of her friends as well! It was super awesome. Cathy was baptized by Brother Bentley.  She's a great lady and we look forward to her continuing in the gospel! Picture below:)

Sunday! Sunday was good. 10/10 would recommend. We had an awesome testimony meeting. Cathy was confirmed a member of the Church!! Then we had Fudd and his wife at church again! That was super exciting to see. During the meeting Brother P., Fudd’s son, got up and bore powerful testimony of the church and straight up said how he prays for his dad to gain a testimony and wants him to be baptized into the true church so he can have his family together forever! It was so awesome, the Spirit was so strong.

This past week I committed our district to act on every spiritual prompting that they received throughout the week and dang, it was awesome. The Spirit truly is an amazing gift and it WILL guide you as long as you are humble and willing to follow its guidance. It is such a blessing to be able to know God's will and see how much it blesses us. I challenge each of you to the same thing, try and follow the Spirit in all things! Love y'all and have a great week!

Take Luck,

Elder Goold

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