West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Monday, November 21, 2016

"Transfers was fun!"

Well hello everyone! It's hasn't been very long since the last time I emailed, so nothing terribly exciting has happened, but I'll give as many details as I can. 

So Huntington is right on the border of West Virginia and Kentucky. It's the same Zone as Martin, so I'll hopefully get to go and interview some of the investigators from over there. We have Marshall University in our area and so I get to talk with college students once again, but it's not a YSA ward or anything. It's pretty city-ish, but it's infinitely more flat and quite than Morgantown. We also have a full sized Walmart here.   #blessed

Elder Palmer is an awesome missionary. We get along really well. He's from Utah, but he grew up in Arizona. He played football in high school and loves football a lot, which is pretty sweet. He's been out 1 transfer longer than I have and he's a really good missionary. We're pumped for working together and it will be a good next transfer. 

We've got a few cool investigators, but the only one I've gotten to have a lesson with is Kayla.  She's a younger girl in her 20's and she is a really open person. She's eaten up all of the lessons and doctrine so far and has come to church 3 times now! She actually came with her son and boyfriend yesterday! We are really pumped for her and we are going to start teaching her boyfriend soon as well. She's really excited about the Gospel and she loves the belief in eternal families and being with our loved ones together in the presence of God! We are praying for her often and we are looking forward to her getting baptized in the coming months. 

Meanwhile, Natalia was baptized this last Saturday in Morgantown!!!!!

It's been getting colder here, but we're also getting closer to the end of our White CHRISTmas reading of the Book of Mormon. It has yielded some incredible blessings so far and December is going to be an awesome month. This upcoming week will be pretty nuts, we've got a mission tour conference day tomorrow with Elder Meurs (of the 70) and his wife.  The southern half of the mission is meeting with him today in Roanoke and the northern half of the mission meeting with him tomorrow in Charleston. Then Wednesday we have Mission Leadership Council (all the Sister Training Leaders and Zone Leaders meet with the Assistants and President and Sister Salisbury) with Elder Meurs there and then Thursday is Thanksgiving. So the first half of our week will be pretty limited in proselyting, but it will be worth it. The Lord's servants are real and following their guidance can bless us in our individual lives, so I am pumped to hear from Elder Meurs. 

Other than that, nothing else too exciting happened. Transfers was fun, I accompanied Elder Hill to Charleston and I got to see a ton of my old companions (pictured below) and it was a good ole time. The only one I didn't see actually was Elder Vai, who I'll see tomorrow at the mission tour conference, so it will be pretty cool to have seen all of my companions so recently. Other than that, everything is good here! 

Something that I was pondering about this morning was James 1:5. Many of you who read this already know the verse, but I was thinking about how much that verse impacted the young Joseph Smith's heart. And what stuck out to me is just how faithful and bold James was in saying that "if ANY OF YE lack wisdom, let him ask of God" I'm not sure if he even realized it, but that promise is true for all 7 billion people that live on Earth. That's amazing to me that James' promise for having our prayers answered isn't just for a select few, but it is for literally any person who reads and sincerely asks. I know it's true and I want each of you who reads this to sincerely ask God something you want to know!! He will hear you:) 

Alright everyone, have a great week!

Take Luck,

Elder Goold

Natalia's Baptism in Morgantown

Saying goodbye to Elder Baggett

Elder Christensen and I

My trainer Elder Rasmussen going home

Elder Hill and I

Elder Roberts, Elder Christensen, Me and Elder Ballard

Elder Palmer and I in our apartment 

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