West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Monday, December 5, 2016

"Welp, where did November go?"

I can't believe it's already December, I'm pretty confused about that. Oh well, it's looking out to be a good month! We are looking out to have a lot of baptisms for our Zone this month, so that's really exciting. A little recap of this past week:

Tuesday we had exchanges with the Portsmouth Elders and I got to go with Elder MacDonald to Portsmouth. It was a good exchange and I met a lot of awesome people. One thing that was really funny is that we were teaching one of their investigators, only the 2nd time and he asked us some questions at the end of the lesson. He asked us if we were the same Mormons with lots of wives on TV, to which we replied no. Then I clarified that our full name is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Then, looking dumbfounded at Elder MacDonald, he says "Well I've already been baptized in that church!". What?!?! It caught us off guard that's for sure. He claims that he was baptized as a teenager, but apparently the Book of Mormon or the missionaries didn't trigger any memories of the ward he was baptized into. We still aren't sure if that story was true, but it was pretty funny.

We did a lot of planning for Zone Meeting on Friday, which was awesome. We talked all about being a consecrated missionary and member of the church, uniting families and creative finding. Then I got to go on exchanges with the assistants. I went with Elder Kidd to Charleston for the exchange. It was super fun.  Most of our things fell through so we ended up knocking doors for a while, but it was fun nonetheless. Elder Kidd is awesome, such a happy guy!! 

Some people we are teaching:

We got to teach this guy named Kennedy. He is a middle-aged student and he's from Kenya. He is such an awesome guy and has the strongest testimony of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ! We taught him a review of the Restoration of the Gospel and it went really well. He was a little concerned last time because in the past he had talked to Jehovah's witnesses and they really confused him, but this time he was really open to taking a Book of Mormon and reading it!

Kayla is another person we are teaching. She is doing awesome. She's been taught for about a month before I got here. She's really sincere and has a great testimony of the church. She's even told tons of random strangers about Joseph Smith's experience with the First vision! She really just needs to quit smoking before baptism. We'll start teaching her boyfriend this week once he recovers from his concussion. They are both really nice people though. 

We’ve gotten to teach a lot of the college students here at Marshall University recently, so that's been pretty fun! We even got to teach some Muslim people, so that was a fun flashback to Morgantown. It's been good though and we are trying really hard to find people to teach. It's hard here, but we are trying a lot of different things, so hoping for the best! 

Anyways, something I wanted to talk about was gratitude and remembrance. Remembering where our blessings in life stem from and being grateful for them is hard, but it keeps us closer to God! A quote from Jesus the Christ book I really like is: 

"The man with much finds it easier to forget his dependence than he who must ask with each succeeding day of need."

I love that, because it is true. We shouldn't just be grateful or ask for help when we need it, but we should seek for heavenly guidance and strength daily or even more often! 

Well, we have a Zone Conference tomorrow and it will be awesome. We also just finished reading the Book of Mormon as a mission! It is easily the best book I have ever read and I know by the power of the Spirit that it is true. I know that it testifies of Christ as the source for remission of sins and I know that Christ really is that source. He did everything for us. 

Anyways, hope y'all have a great week and don't go too crazy on the Christmas shopping! :)

Take Luck and don't get ran over by a Reindeer!

Elder Goold

Elder Kidd and I on exchanges

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