West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Monday, October 31, 2016

"Happy Halloween from Elder Ghoul'd"

Well, this last week was totally awesome. Highlights to follow:

We had a really good lesson with this guy named Jarv, we taught his wife the other week. He is a really cool dude. He had a lot of questions but our lesson went really well and he actually has a granddaughter, who just had major surgery, that he wants us to see! So hopefully that leads to some family business going on! Not sure, but he may be related to the Laffertys.

Speaking of the Laffertys, we were able to see them this week! We talked to them last Saturday and Brother Lafferty was just barely getting to the point he could move after his cancer treatment! But they are still super nice and open to us! We were worried because about 2 weeks ago we called and the person who answered said we had the wrong number and hung up! But it turns out it was his brother and his brother thought we were a telemarketer, so we were relieved to see them still open and nice!

Thomas is doing really well. He's come to church for 3 weeks in a row now and is reading a lot of the Book of Mormon! He's a little behind our Book of Mormon reading, but he is doing a lot of reading, so it's good.

Cathy will be getting baptized this Saturday and we will be exchanging back with the Elders in Hazard at the baptism because I get to do my first baptismal interview! That will be an exciting weekend for sure! She has been doing really well and is super excited to get baptized. She tells us all the time how excited she is and that if we don't pull her up out of the water fast enough, she'll pull us in after her! She's a funny lady:)

Sean and April are doing good. They didn't come to church, but they did read the chapter in the Book of Mormon and prayed and answered the question they had! They are doing really well. They’re progressing slower but we are excited for them. They'll get to church sometime soon, we know it!!!

The ward had a good festival for Halloween on Saturday. We helped run one of the games and got to meet a lot of non-members. One of which we are really excited to talk to is Tim. He and his son are a part of scouts here and he is super cool. It was really funny actually. So the food pantry we work at gave us a whole tub of skittles the other week and so we were handing them out of our trunk to everyone who came by. Tim and his family walked by and then Elder Baggett made a joke about handing out copies of the Book of Mormon and he said "Yeah, I'll take one for sure!" and then HE GRABBED ONE FROM OUR CAR!! It was funny and then we got to talk to him a little yesterday at his house and he said he'd be cool with having us back over! Elder Baggett is a pro, it's pretty funny how many times he's been able to just really casually and easily give people copies of the Book of Mormon.

So yeah, that's most of what happened this week, it was a good time. Oh, I also went on exchanges with Elder Willie here in Martin and that went pretty well. He's super cool. He is from Idaho and played Rugby and wrestled. He's a super funny enthusiastic missionary so I look forward to seeing him grow during his first part of the mission!

This week, I just want to talk about my Book of Mormon reading. As I have been doing this, I have seen just how often the Book of Mormon is really talking about Jesus Christ, and especially His power. Just how much power and influence He has to work miracles and do good in our lives. I know that as we study from the scriptures, they truly testify of Jesus Christ. It's not just some book to read, but its purpose is to point us to the source, even Jesus Christ, that we may look to for a remission of our sins. That's why I like the phrase Elder Stevenson used in conference, "look to the Book, look to the Lord". It's true and I know it.

Hope y'all have a great week! Keep close to the Lord and don't catch anything on "far" (fire with a southern Kentucky accent)

Take Luck

Elder "Ghoul"d

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