West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Monday, August 1, 2016

"It is always good to see a different perspectives"

Hello again! This past week has been pretty normal for us, but we have already started finding people who are moving in for the school year! So that is really nice. 

This week we had a lot of appointments but so many people just have random stuff come up during the summer that we have just had a lot of things fall through recently. But we still had lots of cool stuff happen this week. 

We had dinner with a family, Kendra and Ethan. They have an adorable puppy that is beagle and lab mix, which is very adorable. It really liked chewing on my hands though, so now my hands are very scratched up. Our lesson with them went all right. It's always interesting to talk with people so involved with other faiths. It is always good to see different perspectives.

We also taught a Muslim guy named Ali (yes, like the prince) on Saturday. He wanted to come to church but he said that he may or may not be getting married on Sunday. That was a random curve ball! He said his girlfriend had been cheating on him and he wanted to know if the Book of Mormon said anything about what to do with women who cheat in relationships! Haha that was pretty funny, but we will see him again on Tuesday to see how that went. 

This is kind of an awesome story I just wanted to share quickly. So if you remember from my emails a few months ago our friend Brunno moved back to Brazil. So I spoke with Brother Cox about it on Sunday. Brunno told him he had actually been thinking about Elder Vai and I as well and he decided to invite his sister to come to church with him on Sunday!!! That was such an awesome thing to hear! Even though Brunno wasn't ever baptized while here, he is now having an impact in the lives of other people! It reminded me about the phrase "you never know how much good you do". Brother Cox was the one to reach out to Brunno first and invited him to church and now he is bringing his family and is still loving it! The efforts of one person really can help much more than we even recognize. There was one person I know who really impacted my life almost 5 years ago and I doubt they even remember what happened or what they said. It's just cool to see the power of one. I mean Jesus was only one person, He's kind of done a lot for people. 

Anyways, this week Cody Jones is moving back this weekend, so that is probably the coolest thing happening this week! It will be good to see him again!

That's really all that happened this week, so I hope you all have a great upcoming week and next week, thee will hopefully be more to report on! 

Take Luck,

Elder Goold

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