West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

"Sad to leave Morgantown and all its craziness"

Yup. I'm getting transferred to Kentucky. I really have no words to explain what I think. It will be awesome there, I am pumped, but sad to leave Morgantown and all its craziness. I am actually going to be District Leader for the first time and will half-training Elder Baggett. It's going to be quite the adventure!! To be honest, I’m a little sick right now, so I'll perhaps skip some things from the last week and a half, so forgive me if I do!

So obviously, the highlight is all of the students finally being back. It has been so crazy busy and crowded, but it's great. Sooooo many people. We've been able to talk to a few awesome kids on campus and around town in apartments and such, we've been offered countless beers and have been asked to come to tons of parties. It's pretty funny because it's like no one here actually knows what we do. 

Since last email, we got to meet with Cody a few more times, Natalia twice and lots of new people. Cody is doing really well. He's been reading and learning a lot from what he has been reading. It's starting to be very real to him now, which is awesome. He's on date for baptism in September! I'm really excited for him, he has been praying a lot more too and said he's been receiving answers to his prayers! 

Natalia is also doing well. Both her and Cody came to church this last week. She's been reading a lot but she is having some concerns, mostly just with her family, but she knows what she needs to do and she wants to keep learning! We actually just met with her this morning actually.  She's coming to activities here as well and has been meeting lots of the members in this ward, so that's pretty awesome. 

We haven't gotten to meet with the Mankotos since last time, but we will see them tonight. I really can't remember too much of what happened other than all of the crazy busses and saying goodbye to people in the ward. I'm going to miss this place a lot. 

I hope all of you are doing well and are staying safe! Really don't have too much time to email this week, but I'll try and talk more next week! 

Take Luck
Elder Goold

Bert and I
Jescha, Cody and I
Brother Raleigh, Luther's older brother and I
Heston and I
Luther and I
Natalia, Ky and I

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