West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Monday, August 29, 2016

"My new area of Martin, Kentucky"

Well hello everyone! So sorry I wasn't able to respond to a lot of you all last week, short on time for packing and what-not. I'll try to get back to that today. As you are aware I was just sent to my new area of Martin Kentucky and let me tell you, this place is awesome. It's way different than either Covington or Morgantown, but I love it.

So Thursday was transfers, which was very uneventful and rather bad from being sick. I had a slight fever and bad head-ache and cough, but it was short lived (I was better yesterday). So it was just a lot of driving and feeling bad. But I saw Elders Higgins, Vai, McRae, Kropushek and other missionaries at transfers, so that was awesome! Then, I finally arrived in Martin Kentucky with Elder Baggett! He is awesome. I'll tell you about him: only been out one transfer, he is from Rexburg Idaho, he loves being active, loves Bruce (his shark-pillow), and is really funny. He is a great missionary and once he feels better (I may or may not have gotten him sick) we're going to be running a lot! #soexcited  Elder Curtis was his first half trainer and now Elder Curtis is a Zone Leader here in Huntington (our zone) with Elder Kropushek, so he will get to come on exchanges back to Martin.

Anyways, so more about Martin: We actually live in Prestonsburg, hence the address. It's an area of lots of groups of towns spread out, but there are a good amount of people here. It seems to be much more than Covington in terms of activity. The ward here is also bigger than either Covington or the Student Ward, so that is nice!  We have awesome members and a  good amount of people to teach, which is sweet! I really like it here so far. It is way hotter here than Morgantown, which is weird and driving everywhere is really strange. But it's okay, I'll get used to it! We also get fed a good amount which is REALLY strange to me. We've had like 5 meals since I've been here, it's nuts.

So a few weeks ago, the elders here had an awesome baptism for Austin. He literally came up to the missionaries and talked to them and almost taught himself everything. He is so solid and received the priesthood yesterday! We are actually teaching his little brother who will hopefully be getting baptized next month!

I'm not sure really what else to include so if you want to ask any questions, go for it. I'll also include some pictures from the last few days!

Take Luck,

Elder Goold!

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