West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Monday, July 25, 2016

"Mitt Romney!"

Well hello! Today is Monday and I am really bad at starting emails, so yeah, that's the best I've got. This week, not a whole lot happened.

We did get to teach the Mankoto's twice this week and we watched President Monson with them. It went really well and they are all looking forward to coming to church and baptism!

We were able to have a lesson with Ron again, the guy Elder Vai and I taught right before he left, so it had been a while, but he is really awesome! He said he wanted to come to church with us without our initiation, so that was an awesome surprise! He is also thinking about baptism in September!

It has been really slow though and it will just get slower this week because summer semester is out now. Just a little more until August!!!

We had tons of people yell "Jehova's Witness" at us this week, so that was random. And the best part was we also got a "Mitt Romney!" which was much funnier because whoever yelled it clearly knew who we were and knew Mitt Romney was Mormon!

Something I wanted to share from my studies this week comes from the Sons of Mosiah. In Sunday School yesterday we talked about the fruits of all the missionary work and the deep repentance of the Anti-Nephi-Lehies. Something that really stuck out to me was the stark contrast between the members in Zarahemla and the Sons of Mosiah (Alma 26). It mentions how the people of Zarahemla, upon hearing the mission the brothers were about to set out on, laughed at them and tried to shut down the faith they had!! I thought it was crazy the difference faith played in these two groups' lives. Ammon and his brothers clearly understood how the Atonement worked and it's power and were fully influenced by that faith they held. While those in Zarahemla didn't allow their faith to fully be a part of who they were and basically gave up hope on the Lamanites. I really saw how much more favored of the Lord we are as we allow our faith to change our souls and we act with all our power on that faith. I pondered a lot on how that really applies to any church calling, how we need to put forth our full faithful effort to secure the most blessings for those we serve and for us. I really enjoyed learning and studying about all this!

Hope you are all doing well and that it isn't as hot wherever you are as it is here!

Take Luck,

Elder Goold

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