West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Monday, February 1, 2016

"We got stood up as missionaries"

I am starting to think that the 4 days between Wednesday preparation day and Monday preparation day are actually longer than a week. Anyways..

Thursday: Transfer day! We drove up to White Sulfur Springs and stayed with Elder Holbrook while Elder Higgins and Elder Hill went to the transfer meeting. We didn't do too much while we were there. Later we went up to see Philippe since we missed him Tuesday because of moving. There was also a referral for a bible in Hot Springs that we talked to. She actually works where Philippe is at and wants us to come back once they have calmed down from moving!

Friday: We had a strange day. We talked with this older guy who only wanted to talk because he knows that our church members are fairly conservative and the fact that he just broke up with his girlfriend because she was too liberal. That was weird. Then there was a lady, Patricia, who had requested a Book of Mormon. We knocked on her door and she answered by saying "The house isn't good, I'll meet you at D&J's (a restaurant) in 30 minutes!" So we went there and waited a bit. She didn't show up. We were so confused! 

Saturday: We had a District Meeting with our new District Leader, Elder Seivers. He is pretty awesome, he came out the transfer before me. We also talked with Garland, a potential investigator, who asked us to stop by the next Saturday. He is a pretty nice guy and his wife is super funny! We also got to see the Gibsons. Brother Gibson asked us to come by someday and cut down some trees in his backyard, so that will be very fun! 

Sunday: Church as usual. Well, not really. We got to teach the primary 3rd hour, which is always an adventure. We watched a video about the beginnings of the Book of Mormon and then we "met" prophets from the scriptures. We tied out ties around out heads and wore funky old looking clothes. It was pretty darn fun. We also had a potluck after church, and of course, we got all the leftovers, which is so great. Free food is always great. Afterwards we didn't do too much, Elder Norman was feeling pretty sick, so after seeing Philippe we stayed inside. 

It has been pretty warm here the last few days and now almost all the snow is gone! It is weird how the weather here changes so fast! We are excited for a great new week, hope you are all doing well and staying safe!

Take Luck,

Elder Goold

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