West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Monday, February 8, 2016

"...I went running...It was glorious."

Hello People!  Great Week!

This last week has been interesting! I am sore today, I'll say that right now.

Monday: We just hung out at our place in Covington and played some board games and cleaned a decent amount. We visited Mitzi and taught her about fasting with a purpose and the strength it gives us. She made it to church and told us she fasted for strength with smoking!

Tuesday: We visited with Philippe and he was doing much better, compared to Sunday. He had been sick for a couple days previous. We also saw the Thompsons and taught them about Helaman 6, how the Lamanites, despite their initial rejection and turning away from the Gospel, were extremely faithful members once converted!

Wednesday: We did our Mormon.org time and tried visiting some people. We were able to teach Fernando and it was very different than we had planned. We talked to him at first about some skepticism he had about change, but we bore testimony of Christ and His power to strengthen us as we do hard things. We invited him to be baptized at the end of the month and he said that he would think about it and talk to us on Friday at the Church! It was an amazing blessing to be there, and I truly felt the Spirit.

Thursday: We had the opportunity to go and visit the Whiting family, members, with Brother Southall. The Whitings are awesome, it really stinks that Sister Whiting is in too bad of health to go anywhere. We had a lesson set up with Jackie and President Edwards, but being the manager of Taco Bell, she had to work late and canceled. She is also just getting back into work after her surgery so she's working extra now. We are going to try and go to see her in a few weeks. We had a dinner with Juan and Patsy as well, and they are both doing very well! We taught them about personal revelation and how by feeling the Spirit daily and establishing habits, we are able to grow and receive revelation. Juan has so many random things. Literally, he has a solid gold Cowboys Football card. Solid. Gold. It's so cool.

Friday: We had Zone Meeting! It was really cool to see our new Zone Leader, Elder Maloy. Then Elder Norman went on exchanges to White Sulfur Springs and Elder Sievers came to Covington with me! He is super cool. He was from a real small town in Idaho and loves basketball. But we have very similar taste in music, which was cool. He is also great at teaching! Speaking of which, we had a lesson at the church with Fernando and Juan came with us! It was a great lesson. Fernando expressed how he still is concerned with change, but he wants to follow the path that God wants for him. He committed to pray about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and whether or not following the Gospel and being baptized is the path for him.

Saturday: Elder Sievers and I went running, despite it being 25 outside. He was up for it, so it was done. It was glorious. Then we went to the Thompsons, and with Brother Whiting and Tucker, we completely fixed their bathroom floor. Their toilet had been leaking and the wood around it was rotted so bad, we could hold the toilet and rock it back and forth. So we removed the toilet, ripped out the 2 layers of rotted wood, removed all the linoleum, cut new wood, put it into place, put new linoleum and glued it down. It took a while, and it made me sore, since their bathroom is tiny. We also taught Mitzi again, and we taught her about Spiritual habits, similar to what we taught Juan and Patsy. She told us how she wants to start writing things down when she reads the Scriptures so she can remember more, which is so awesome!!!

Sunday: We had church and Mitzi came! We were excited to see her because she told us how everything was working against her to make it that morning. Bella, her dog, kept stealing her shoes and her cats were climbing all over her, but she made it anyways! We were supposed to visit Sister Carter, but unfortunately she had to pick her brother up from Roanoke, so she rescheduled for another day this week. But she is very sincere with meeting with us, she says she feels bad about other times she's forgotten us.  

This really was an awesome week! We are so pumped and we have Zone Conference with President this month, so that will be fun! Hope you are all doing awesome!

Take Luck!

Elder Goold

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