West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Monday, February 29, 2016

"He might work us off the earth!"

This last week has been very interesting and very very windy! 

Monday: Last week we went and visited the Southall's after our Preparation Day stuff! They are a super awesome family in the Branch and we taught them about the Sacrament! That night we also visited and taught Mitzi! We talked to her about the blessings of Church attendance and committed her to stay longer than just Sacrament meeting and she told us how it's been something she has wanted! She does have some problems with her health but she said on weeks it's not a problem she will come for longer!😀 

Tuesday: We did our normal Tuesday routine with Genealogical Society and going to Philippe’s! We taught the Thompsons about keeping the commandments and they expressed a desire they both had to renew their Temple Recommends!! It was so awesome! Of course they do need to come to church, which will require them to have a car, but they are definitely showing progress and it is awesome!:)

Wednesday: It was a very strange day. The weather went from cold and POURING rain to 60's within a few hours.  (Note to parents from the Mission President:  “We did have a tornado touch down in our mission all missionaries are safe.  The tornado was unusual for this time of year and touched down specifically in the city of Appomattox, Virginia.  The weather here has been volatile.”  It touched down about 2 hours from where Elder Goold lives)   I started getting sick this day as well, and I really didn't want to be sick so I was fighting it and I felt like I was going crazy. But I'm all good now, haha. Anyways, we did get to teach Robert!! He is literally such an awesome guy! He says he remembers they Apostasy and Priesthood from when missionaries taught him before and it made a lot of sense to him! We committed him to read and pray about the Book of Mormon again and learn for himself if the Gospel truly has been restored!! He is also the nicest guy and Elder Norman swears he looks just like Luke Bryan, some country musician. 

Thursday: We had a house and car inspection with Brother Gibson. He didn't have any sort of form or checklist, so he said we passed, which is nice. We didn't really do much other than weekly planning because I was feeling pretty bad. 

Friday: We worked a lot trying to find people but to no avail. We visited with the Simpsons, some non-members who love the missionaries. We taught them from the Tree of Life in 1st Nephi a few weeks ago, and asked if there were any families they knew that they felt we should visit and meet! It was something I never though would happen with non-members, but it went well! Since then they said they have talked to all sorts of people but none have been interested! Pretty awesome I think!

Saturday: We had Coordination meeting with our new BML Brother Arritt! He is so awesome and absolutely loves missionary work! He might work us off the earth! He is really great at getting the members ready and excited to help, so that is really nice! We got to visit with the Mullineaux (Mull-i-no) and that was really awesome! Sister Mullineaux and the kids are active but her husband is less-active. He is a super nice guy though and work does seem to be a problem for him and church. He did talk to us after a while though and introduced us to Jasper, their 7 year old Great Dane. He is so giant! I haven't ever met a fully grown great dane from what I can remember, but his head was up to my chest and he outweighs me, which is really funny. They said fully standing he is 6'3. It was so awesome. I loved it. Did I mention I like dogs?? We also had an awesome lesson with Mitzi!!!! The Becktels came with us and we talked a lot about accountability and how with the help of the Becktels and the Scriptures and prayer she can stay accountable for her smoking and it will greatly help her! It went super well and Mitzi is doing great!

Sunday: We had an awesome time at Church! We didn't have any investigators, but it was an awesome Sunday! We Saw Philippe and the Thompsons like usual! The Thompsons are doing awesome and are keeping their commitments really well!! 

Not sure if I mentioned this, but frozen snow poorly treats Corolla Bumpers! Don't worry it wasn't me. Elder Norman ran over some frozen snow and we wrecked.   We tore the bumper off cause it made funky noises on the freeway.  It is currently getting fixed.

This next week will be awesome, I hope all of you have a good week too! Transfers are next week, so I may be getting transferred, which is exciting! Pictures to follow!

Take Luck!
Elder Goold

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