West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

"Cabin Fever is Real"

Hello everyone! This last week and few days has been quite interesting, especially with the weather.

Monday: We visited the Defibaugh family, who weren't doing too great. Their little daughter though always volunteers to pray and her prayers are so heartfelt and full of thanks, it really brings in the Spirit. I think she is about 4 or 5. 

Tuesday: We visited Philippe and tried to visit a less active in Hot Springs. They live up on a hill in a dome house, but their property was gated off, so that was unfortunate. He must be cool if he has a dome house right? 

Wednesday: We had the opportunity to participate in the worldwide broadcast for missionaries. We heard from Elder Anderson, Bednar, and Oaks as well as L. Whitney Clayton and a few others. It was so cool to learn straight from the Apostles of Jesus Christ how we can better serve. The main focus was "Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts", which was really a great topic. All our missionary service does is invite people to repent and receive blessings for what they do! We also had exchanges with Elder Wasden, the new Zone Leader. It also snowed a decent amount Wednesday and lets just say if you are going to attempt to drive in snow for the first time, don't use a Toyota Corolla. Trust me, just don't. Also, Fernando had to cancel with us, so we are trying to get back to his house soon! He has so much potential and he really is just a great guy. 

Thursday: We exchanged back and we worked tracting a little bit before the storm, but basically everyone said we were crazy and that we needed to be prepping for the snow. It seriously wasn't even that big, but people here like to flip their biscuits about snow, which is really funny. We taught Mitzi and it went really well. She had only smoked one carton over the last week, so she is about 3 a day now! She is so close, we are very happy for her! :)

Friday: Day 1 of Cabin Fever. It really didn't snow that much compared to other places, we got 14-18 inches total, but to keep us safe, President Salisbury asked us to stay inside. We did have to make a trip to Wal-mart to get Elder Normans inhaler, because he's basically allergic to our house. We played lots of board/card games and slept and studied.

Saturday: Day 2 of Cabin Fever. Saturday morning was snowing like crazy. We again stayed inside and waited out the storm. Really bored at this point. We also got our calls about who is leaving and staying. I am in Covington for another transfer with Elder Norman and Elder Higgins, released from District Leader, is going back to Clifton Forge with the new companion he's getting. 

Sunday: Church was canceled, but we and the Entsmingers took the church snow shovels and snow-blower and plowed some driveways. We did it for people in the Branch who would have had a hard time. Driving in the snow is an adventure. We still made it out to Philippe’s though! We also stopped for some really cool pictures in Hot Springs with the snow. The waterfall looked the coolest! 

Monday: We worked on Flyers for our Bible study class and put them up where ever we could. We also had to save the Corolla from being buried, since we mostly had been using the Truck. We also worked cleaning the Clifton apartment for the move. Then we visited the Defibaugh’s again and getting to their place in the snow was an adventure. We read Mosiah 4 with them. The more and more I read the Book of Mormon, the more awesome stuff there is in it. I have such a testimony of its truthfulness and the peace it can bring into our lives if we just put forth the effort to read it! 

Tuesday: We moved apartments in Clifton Forge with the help of Jeff, the less active guy who we play board games with. That's basically it, other than we had coordination meeting with President Entsminger. He is the Elders Quorum President and now he is the acting Branch Mission Leader! He does so much it is amazing! He is actually a convert and its cool to see how the Gospel has helped him since he was baptized.

The snow is totally awesome. I enjoy it. I do need boots though, dress shoes aren't too optimal. We have transfers tomorrow to get Elder Higgins new companion, so that will be lots of driving, haha. Hope everyone has had a good week! This next transfer will be exciting and we are hoping and praying for the work to move forward! 

Take Luck,

Elder Goold

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