West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

“West Virginia Wilderness”

Well this transfer went by faster then... well, faster then a lot of things. Too many to name. But Elder Strunk is going to be leaving, so that's pretty lame. We've had a great time this last transfer, but he's really excited because he's going to Blacksburg VA, which is where he wanted to go! So that's pretty cool I guess! Elder Bailey is my new companion as of tomorrow! Never heard of him, so that's fun:) OH and Elder Webb is the new assistant replacing Elder Curtis!! Haha that makes me happy:)

Last Monday we went out to Spencer and we played Frisbee Golf and it was legit. Last time I played it was at Cooley Middle School which has a much... clearer course, haha. I thought there would be an open course but nope, it was right through the middle of the West Virginia wilderness, so it was pretty fun!!! 10/10 would recommend. Also super pretty waterfall, as pictured below.

Random highlights:

We had exchanges with the Spencer Elders! I went with Elder Scott to Spencer. It was a good time. I like Elder Scott a lot. We did a lot of walking in Spencer (walking is awesome!) and we got to talk to this one guy who has a really sad story, but he didn't want any help:( That's always sad. 

Elder Strunk and I were walking around Ravenswood the other day and got stopped by this guy playing basketball named Nathan! He just asked why we walked everywhere and what we were doing? So we got to teach him about the Book of Mormon and families and gave him a Book of Mormon! We haven't got to see him again yet, but he drove by us Saturday and said he's been reading the Book of Mormon! So that's exciting!

We've still not been able to see the “M” family but they've had the worst time lately. They all got sick one after another and Sister M got so sick she lost her job!! That’s pretty terrible, but she's got another job already luckily and we're getting to see them on Friday!! Please keep praying for them!

Something I really liked as I studied this last week comes from Jacob 5 in the Book of Mormon! I especially liked the part when the servant questions the Lord of the vineyard about the good branches in the "bad area". The Lord responds that He knows His vineyard and He has done everything for a specific reason. Christ really does know each of us and where we are in our lives, and He has a plan for our best interest, but the variable is our following what He asks! I pray that each of us can always seek God's will in our lives and then try and follow it!

Hope you all have a great week and stay safe!!!

Take Luck!!

Elder Goold

Frisbee Golf through the Woods!

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