West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

“Talked to a few nice people and a few not as nice people”

This whole month has gone by way too fast!  I'll try and tell some of the highlights from this last week:

Peoples we visited:

We got to teach Nathan again on Monday with his friend Miranda there, it went pretty well! They even invited themselves to church! They both made a good connection with the Spirit, but they're hold-up right now is making time to read the Book of Mormon. We're seeing them again tonight and we're pretty excited for that.

Saturday evening we got to see Tim again and we taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He really seemed to understand it well! It was good because it helped him connect the good things and service he already does to following the Savior. Then Tim came to church on Sunday!! It was awesome! He really enjoyed it and told a lot of the members he was wanting to come back next week! And he has a phone now, which is great, so we can actually contact him and set appointments up!  My favorite part was a really old man in the ward, Bro. Adkins (90) kept coming up to Tim and telling him how awesome he was for coming to church and that he better listen to us! 😂 Bro. Adkins is hilarious.

The Moores!! We saw them again on Friday! It's been a while since we saw them last, but they are doing well. Sister Moore had just started a new job when I got here and so that was keeping her busy. We had a good lesson with them though and set goals with them about reading the Book of Mormon! We're going to see them again tomorrow though, so that's awesome!

We didn't get to see the "M" family sadly :( He was called into work at the hospital a few times and so we had to reschedule for this week. But we're still excited for them, keep them in your prayers!!

We saw Earl as well and read some of the Book of Mormon with him. He was still having questions about the reason for the Book of Mormon if we already have the New Testament. It went pretty well though and he liked the idea of it being easier to understand.

Other than that, we didn't see too many other people. We went out to Ohio and talked to a few nice people and a few not as nice people, all while getting drenched, so it was a good time! It rained a lot this week actually.

We had exchanges all day in Spencer on Thursday and that was awesome! I was with Elder Scott and we went to teach one of their investigators who's getting baptized soon! We actually went to teach her kids who she shares custody of, because they were asking questions about the temple and Book of Mormon! It was absolutely hilarious. Here kids are all younger than 12 so it was a lot of really funny questions, answers and teaching. In the end, Elder Scott demonstrated how to baptize someone by pretending to baptize me behind their couch because they thought we were drowning people haha😂 We also found a turtle!!!!! We had a mini-photo shoot and I found out if a turtle is carried around in the air, it thinks it's swimming hahah!

We also have had a crisis with our fridge. It broke and now the fridge part is room temperature and then freezer deep-freezes everything, so we had to throw away a bunch of good food sadly. 0/10, NEVER recommend.

So my thought for the week is inspired by this awful church sign pun in Ravenswood (below).
The absolute best way to see if something is good and true is to try it yourself! If you don't know what chocolate cake tastes like or if it's good, try it! If you have doubts or questions about the teachings of Jesus Christ and how they can help you, then just try them! Live it and you'll see the blessings! I have a testimony that our actions are what make the difference. The way we live shows who we are and it is one way we can learn for ourselves the truth. Because as we live a certain principle or way, the Holy Ghost will be there to testify of it's truthfulness. The Spirits voice is the most assuring witness we can receive.

Anyways, hope y'all had a good last week and a good memorial day! We definitely did!😁
It was the “extra most bestest” day of disk golf! Good times! Peace out!!

Take Luck

Elder Goold

Bad Church Pun

Our new turtle friend

More Frisbee Golf, or Frolf!

Messy lunch with the Walters Family

Embarrassing lunch mishap!

Check out the newest tie I made!

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