West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Monday, May 15, 2017

Mother's Day!! Good Week!

This last week has been good! Elder Bailey and I both got to speak in Sacrament Meeting on Mother's Day, so that was fun! I'll talk about it later! :) It was also great to see my family yesterday!  My family is the best! :)

So last week we got to see Earl and his wife, Justine up in Cherrycamp Creek. We hadn't met his wife before, but she had already read through some of the pamphlets we left and so the Restoration went really well! They committed to read the Book of Mormon together and they're looking to come to a church, so they're pretty excited! Then, we were stopped by their neighbors on our way out, which was really cool.  They asked us whether or not we talked to people who used food-stamps, because someone told them we hated poor people! So that was pretty crazy and it was awesome to clear that out of the way and they were actually really interested after that and took a copy of the Book of Mormon!! #hollowblessings

We did a lot of planning for our Family History class this Wednesday and a lot of walking, so that was good. We got to teach Roger in Ravenswood on Saturday, which was good. We got to teach him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it was a spiritually strong lesson. Sadly he's hasn't been really keeping commitments, so we're just trying help him read and come to church. 

Last night we were back in Ripley and we finally got to see Nathan! It actually went really well, we got to teach him the fullness of the restoration of the gospel! It was awesome. The Spirit was especially strong because he told us what he was going through the first time he talked to us. He was going through a hard time and said he wanted to go and make bad decisions and then he saw us walking, he heard something tell him to talk to us! So that's why he started talking to Elder Strunk and I. We asked him where he thought that voice came from and at first he wasn't sure, but he thought about it more and he told us he felt like it was a part of God's plan for him to see us and talk to us! It was a great lesson and we're seeing him again Wednesday night! 

Other than that, nothing super exciting happened! But this next week will be good, we've got a lot of good things planned, which is exciting!!! 

My spiritual thought for the week is what I based my talk on yesterday: gratitude! Because it was mother's day I discussed and dove into the example of mothers and just how great they are and the countless reasons we have to be grateful for them! I promise if you start to ponder all of the things that have blessed your life that come from your mother, you'll quadruple your gratitude for her in your life! The best part it.... moms are only one of and endless list of things to be grateful for (albeit, high on the list😊)!!!! It's completely incomprehensible just how much Heavenly Father has blessed us with. So my challenge is to think about, ponder and analyze everything you have in your life and I promise you'll be filled with gratitude and love towards God! 

Fun (kind of?) story! We had dinner with Brother Angus on Friday at Bob Evans Restaurant and Elder Bailey and I found TABASCO CHOCOLATE!!!!! Don't get too excited, it's not as great as it sounds (unless you thin it sounds bad, then yes, it's exactly as good as it sounds). I've gotten over my pure hatred of spicy food enough to eat them for entertainment sake, so I tried some and it was terrible. But really funny, that's for sure! Pics included! Hope y'all have a great week!!!!

Take Luck!!!

Elder Goold

PS: We visited America's smallest Community Museum right here in Ripley, WV!

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