West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Monday, January 23, 2017

"Warm Weather and Hollows Galore!"

Well, well, well, this last week has been something! We had 2 days of meetings but over all it was a pretty good week. I'll try to remember all the stuff!

Tuesday was MLC (Mission Leadership Council) and so we were in Charleston for the whole day basically. It was a good meeting though and we did a lot of counseling in order to prep for the Zone Conference. It was sweet! 

Wednesday was pretty slow but we had to do a lot of moving and organizing with the districts. We had a missionary head back home for health reasons and so we had to move a lot of things around, but it wasn't too bad. It's always hard to see a missionary have to go home because of the great blessing a mission is. A mission is definitely the best thing I've done, without a doubt! 

Thursday we had a meeting with all of the areas in our mission that are YSA or have colleges so that was pretty darn exciting. I got to talk with Elder Gurke and Watkins (the ones in Morgantown) about all the people up there! It sounds like they are all doing well!! Also on Thursday we were able to teach Roger again along with his wife and son Roger!! We had a really awesome lesson about the plan of salvation!! It was super powerful and really funny as well! When we asked little Roger what it meant to him to be a child of God and he said, "It makes me happy cause He's like on of the best fathers in the whole world!" It was awesome. They didn't make it to church, but they've read a lot of the Book of Mormon so far, so that's pretty awesome! 

Friday we had district meeting and then we went on exchanges with the Logan Elders! Elder Wasden and I were here in Huntington and we found a real nice family who actually came to church yesterday! They have a friend in the 2nd ward and so they went with him this last week. They are pretty set in their beliefs and church but they are willing to have us back. It was a good exchange, Elder Wasden was actually in the Buena Vista zone for a while and I went on exchanges with him a real long time ago with Elder Norman. 

Saturday...well Saturday wasn't the best, but it makes for a good story. So we drove down to Chapmanville to exchange back since we had a good amount of miles left on the car and the plan after that was to drive north west to Wayne, which is in our area, but far away so we usually don't visit it. So we head out and follow my GPS on "shortest miles"... yeah, bad idea. So we got about 20 mins up this hollow and then it got real crazy real fast. Waaaayyy too steep and off-roady for a Chevy Malibu so we turned back. Well, now we are good to go and we get headed up the main road more before we head west. So the next road we go down seems like a much more manageable road to drive on and so we probably drove a solid 35 mins up this road, which eventually turned into a power service road. Still manageable, until 2 miles from where we were trying to actually get to and then a huge pool of water in the middle of the road. Way too big and deep to drive through in our car, that's for sure. So now we turn around and repeat the process. Finally we get on an adequate road that takes us all the way to Wayne. We actually ended up teaching  Larry, a referral, and he is awesome! Super open and receptive and went really really well. Then, right after we finish, we get a call on our phone, or so we thought. It was actually the Logan Elders’ phone.... Elder Webb had left it in his pocket and now we were another 70 mins away! Well, we ended up driving all the way back to flippin' Chapmanville and dropping off their phone and then driving all the way back to Huntington. So we were sitting and driving a whole lot. Pretty funny but really lame at the same time.😂

Sunday was a good day! We had Dantes (whom we met last week) bike all the way to church! He is awesome but church was hard for him because he really doesn't speak English, so we'll work with him on English before anything. We've got a lot of planning and such to do this next week for Zone Meeting, so it will be a fun week! 

My thought for the week is found in Ether 12:27. I decided to break it down into the different sentences. I really liked the phrase "I give unto men weakness that they may be humble". God gives us weakness and trials as a way for us to use our agency to come closer to Him. Every weakness we have is a plea from God asking us to rely on Him. But we may be humble, it's not a guarantee, it's a choice. Let us each be those who decided to humble ourselves and rely on God. 

I hope all of you are having a good January and are staying safe!! We've been pretty warm here the last week, but I fear it is going to get cold soon again. Oh well!! Peace out y'all!

Take Luck,
Elder Goold🙃

From Saturday's Backwoods Drive -  Oooops!

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