West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Monday, January 2, 2017

"2017 - This next month should be plenty busy"

Well hello everyone! It hasn't been super long since last time we emailed, so nothing terribly exciting has happened, except for transfers! I am now here with Elder Webb! It's so crazy to have a new companion after 1 transfer, it feels too fast. 

Well, first Elder Webb. He is really cool, the younger of the 2 Elder Webbs in the mission. He's from the small town named Declo in southern Idaho and he played football and ran track in high school. He's only been out for 5 months so this is only his forth transfer. I was actually thinking about it and since this transfer started, I have been on my mission longer than the 3 other missionaries in the ward combined.  That makes me feel really old! Anyways, Elder Webb is awesome and it's going to be an awesome transfer in Huntington and throughout the Zone. 

Um, so not too much happened since transfers actually. It was sad to see Elder Palmer go, but he'll do great down in Virginia. We did some good finding but everyone asked us to come back in January, so this next month should be plenty busy! We have a fireside we are going to do at the beginning of February and a church tour thing we want to start and all sorts of other good stuff. It's going to be good, but for now, things are pretty low key and not too exciting. But on the other hand I finally have pictures, so that's fun!  

We had another really good lesson with Kennedy on Saturday. It was a really powerful lesson and he's starting to put all the pieces together more and he was really excited to get to read more! It was super funny because after the lesson we asked if we could help with anything and not being from America, the question really confused him.  He just kept asking us, "Well what are you good at? Do you have any special abilities that would benefit me?" And it was just really funny:) 

Elder Webb and I both got to speak in church as well yesterday! We both spoke on missionary work (uhh... okay?) and it was a grand ol' time. Then we were surprised the night before with an invitation to teach both Sunday School and Priesthood... But luckily after agreeing to do both, other people had accidentally thought they were supposed to be teaching, and so we actually escaped with just our talks. 

Something that I really enjoyed learning about over the last week was about questions. Elder Tunell in district meeting defined "direct" as it applied to questions and it was "proceeding from point to point without deviation". I really liked that and pondered on it more. The heaven questions we ask in lessons and finding should generate an answer that gets us from one point of doctrine to the next one we want to teach. Our questions should link together the principles in which we are teaching. So that made me look at all of the questions I ask and I evaluated them all based on whether or not they were "direct". I think it helped me a lot to understand what an effective question is better. 

Hope you all got to make some New Years Resolutions and I'll pray that you accomplish most of them :) Stay safe and have fun!!! 

Take Luck

Elder Goold - 2017

Bronze Buffalo Statues at Marshall University

Elder Goold saying goodbye to Elder Palmer

Elder Goold with new companion Elder B. Webb

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