West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Monday, December 19, 2016

"Christmas Week!"

Hello everyone! This last week has totally flown by!!!!! I really don't know where it went. It's good that it went fast because it was a pretty hard week. Winter is just a hard time of year, but it's okay we've been working hard! I'll give a recap:

Kayla is doing okay. Her whole family got pretty sick over the whole week, so we only got to talk with her for a few moments. None of her family has a car, so normally we have to work to get her a ride, but her normal ride-giver was out of town. On the good side, she was working all on her own to get a ride from her friend (which is pretty rare in this mission, to have people without a car work that hard to get to church, haha)! She didn't end up coming, but we think one of the sisters in the ward will be an awesome friend for her. 

Kenny is doing great. I have never had someone we were teaching read so routinely and so much at the same time. He is in Alma now and the more and more he reads, we are seeing the light in his eyes change. He's hesitant to come to church still, but with this upcoming Sunday, we feel like he will come! He is gaining a testimony for sure.

We weren't able to get in contact with the “B” family sadly, other than just talking on the phone a little. But we are still excited for them, so please keeps them in your prayers! 

We went on 2 exchanges this last week... so much traveling:) I went to Gallipolis OH on Tuesday with Elder Hanson and then on Thursday I went with Elder Tunell to Logan WV. Both exchanges were pretty awesome. Elder Hanson is a newer missionary and he is serving with Elder Christensen from Morgantown. We had a really good day of teaching! It was relieving for them because they had someone who was about to be baptized drop off the face of the earth and then on exchanges we were able to see her again, so that was really good. Logan is a really, really, small place and it's a harder area, but they are good missionaries. 

We were working all day Saturday trying to meet people and it was going nowhere and then finally the last door we knocked on was Keelon. He is a sweet guy, he is a psychology Ph.D professor at Marshall. So he's smart. But he has a really open mind to different things and we told him all about the Restoration and gave him a Book of Mormon. We are going to go back on Tuesday and see him again! He also has some kids, so we are hoping to teach the family:) 

Then Nathan was someone we met last night. We were basically walking around in the dark trying to find people who looked friendly enough not to yell or shoot at us. Finally, the first person to open up was Nathan. He invited us in and we taught him all about the Restoration. He is super cool. Really a nice guy and he told us he wasn't very religious because for a while we was going to church but didn't enjoy the "hell-fire and brimstone" of the church he went to. So he decided to just read the Bible himself and figure out what was important to him, but he always felt like there was more, so now we are going to see him this week as well!

We've been talking a lot about creative finding for our Zone Conferences and other meetings as a mission, so that's something we planned a lot for this last week. We have a lot of awesome things on the way (January) and we are going to kick this place into gear. We have found a few people through our own efforts, but we are really tired of it being mainly fruitless, so we are really excited for all the things we are going to do: A fireside, church tours, a booth, some posters around town and more stuff revolving around the new year. It will be a good ol' time! 

Fun story: last night was pretty scary before we ran into Nathan, we were walking down 9th Avenue to try a referral and we saw some MASSIVE stray dogs eating out of the trash right in front of us. Luckily they found something yummy because they didn't come after us. Then, not a minute later, we saw 2 huge possums on someone’s front porch just eating some cat food. Nasty, but it was pretty entertaining. We also took pictures for our Christmas card which will be epic!

Thank you all for the birthday and Christmas cards!! It's been awesome getting to hear from so many of y'all, I really appreciate it. I hope all of you have a great Christmas week, it's a special time of year and I hope all of you share this special time with those who need it!

Love y'all so much!

Take Luck,
Elder Goold

Our District:  Sister Donahoo, Sister Miller, Elder Fitch, Elder Tunnell, me and Elder Palmer

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