West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Monday, March 21, 2016

"Prayer is sweet"

Hey-there everyone! 

Each week seems to go by so fast! This last week was really interesting. We had lots of people not be home because of studying or leaving for spring break and what not. It was a good week! First, here is our workout schedule:  Monday-Sunday: Leg Day. Seriously everyday here is a total leg workout, this place is so not flat! It's crazy, but I like it. Anyways, I'm not sure what even happened on which days, so here is just stuff.

We picked up a new investigator named Park, an African dude from Kenya! He is so awesome and we had a great lesson with him. He does like to talk a lot, but it went really well! He even said the prayer at the end of the lesson.

We picked up another new investigator, whose name is Cody. He was an investigator before and his girlfriend is a member, but his parents were going to stop paying for his college if he joined the church, so that was a barrier, but we are working with him! He is super solid in the gospel already though, he also said the prayer at the end of our lesson on Friday!

This whole week we had been praying to run into Bruno, who is a guy from Brazil that is friends with Ky, one of the students here. He's come to church about 3 times now and he is such a great guy. This was an awesome experience. He doesn't really have contact information, just a Facebook, which we can't use. So we had been praying to run into him through out the week and 3 days in a row we saw him while on the bus and got to talk with him! It's crazy!! A bunch of the members who know him also have been seeing him even more often, which is so awesome!

We had 2 lessons this week with Marshall and Brandon and I totally love these guys. They are both super smart and funny, so they understand pretty well and have some of the best questions. I can definitely tell the difference, especially in Brandon, since the first time we met with them. We taught them both the Plan of Salvation lesson and the Gospel of Jesus Christ lesson and they both went really well! Both of them were sort of against praying after the P.O.S. lesson we had, but after we taught the lesson on Sunday, Brandon prayed at the end of the lesson! The two of them are super awesome!

Thursday was absolute craziness. St.Patricks day. Everyone was wearing green, ignoring their midterms and drinking since 8am. No Joke. We purposely walked right through "Frat Row" during some giant parties at noon and Elder Vai got it on video! It was so crazy and really entertaining.

Friday was actually awesome. We expected everyone to be hung over and leaving for spring break, but we tracted for probably 45 minutes and got 7 or 8 awesome contacts! It was such a great day. We had prayed that something good would come from the day since we thought it would be futile and we saw the blessings!

Totally forgot: Tuesday we did a booth in the Free-speech Circle in the middle of the school and the 4 of us (Elder Vai and I and the Southpark Elders) got so many awesome contacts! It was literally so much fun to randomly talk to so many random students. All sorts of responses from "Wow, that's really interesting" to "I'm a devout Satanist". It was awesome.

It was a great week overall, other than being sick. I hope everyone had an awesome week and didn't do anything crazy on St.Patricks day!

Take Luck,

Elder Goold

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