West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Monday, March 28, 2016

"I got to say no to drugs finally"

Hey everyone! 

This last week has probably been more exciting for all of you on Spring Break versus us who had no one to talk to during Spring Break. It was a good week though!

Monday: We went and played kickball again with the whole district! We had 3 appointments set up for the afternoon, but all of them bailed.

Tuesdsay: We had another lesson with Park. Not really sure where things will go with him, because he is convinced that if the Book of Mormon is true, God will tell him that it is true before he reads it and that he won't read it until he knows it's true. To be honest, I never thought of that as a possibility of coming up. We also met with Luther Raleigh. He is a super awesome kid but for some reason he just doesn't always make the effort to make it to church. Then we had dinner with the Brimhall’s and they gave us a referral to their friends just a little ways away! More on that later...

Wednesday: We walked around and tracted just trying to find people to talk to and we ended up talking to this guy, Mike, who is a recovering addict and he is super solid! He loved the idea of apostasy, which was super great! Later, we talked to this girl, Maleehah. She's friends with a girl from here who's on her mission in Las Vegas. She told us that she is just ready to turn her life around and we had a pretty great meeting with her!

Thursday: We had “Specialized Training” which was awesome as usual. We didn't really have anything else happen, just lots of walking, talking to anyone who was actually home, and a few random conversations with people. We gave this Muslim guy a Restoration pamphlet in Arabic (yeah, we've got those) and I think that simply because it was in his language, he just automatically assumed it must be 100% true and it was just really strange overall.

Friday: We did some planning and we got new bus passes. Most everything was closed due to Good Friday, so even less was going on. But, we did have the best lesson ever. This guy Jimmy talked to us Thursday across the street about Family Home Evening. He apparently had met missionaries a long time ago through FHE and they gave him a Book of Mormon, which he read entirely by himself. He since had a hard time with drugs and went through a rehab and now he is here. We taught him the Restoration and he absolutely soaked it up! He is so prepared and is preparing to be baptized on the 7th of May!! He is super cool and more on him in the future!

Saturday: We walked all the way out past the hospital to visit the referral the Brimhall's gave us, and sadly they were not home. But over the next little while, we got like 3 or 4 neighbors to refer us to a ton of other people in the neighborhood and we talked to almost all of them! We met a sweet dude, Albert, whose sister was in the hospital and we said a prayer with him and I think it really opened his heart to us. We're going back this next week!

Sunday: Nothing really happened today actually, just lots of students getting back to campus so lots of people walking around with headphones and suitcases. I got offered weed the first time and got to say no to drugs finally! That was a momentous occasion if I do say so myself! We had a really awesome time at church though and Bruno was there again! We are finally going to get to meet with him on Tuesday this week, so that will be sweet!!!

It was a pretty fun week to be honest, despite campus being super empty. I absolutely love sharing the Easter video the church put out with people! So if any of you haven't watched it yet, it's only 2 minutes, here is the link! followhim.mormon.org The video is great and I am pumped for General Conference next week! #GC2016 Wish you all the best!

Take Luck,
Elder Goold

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