West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Monday, March 14, 2016

"I absolutely love it here."

Hey there everyone! SO much has happened since last Wednesday! I'm not even sure what to think, but it is awesome and I love it. Elder Vai (sounds like pie or pi since it’s pi day J) and I am on the West Virginia University campus and in the student ward here. Elder Vai is awesome, literally so cool, and probably the most hard working comp, my legs might fall off. We are in a walking area on the campus and basically anywhere close by is our area. It is super busy and populated here and I love it! We are in a walking area and it is very hilly as well, so I'm sore for the first time in a while! Anyways,

Thursday: Transfer day. So Elder Norman and I drove up to Beckley early in the morning. From there, Elder Flint and I drove a car that was being moved areas to Charleston. Our GPS took us a wrong way so we got there late and almost got hit twice because roads here are crazy. Then we threw all of our stuff onto the North Transfer Train (a van full of missionaries, not really a train) and drove all the way to Morgantown, switching a few cars along the way. Elder Vai, my new companion, and I got back at like 5 or 6 and we went to have dinner with Josh Morgan, a student here.

Friday: We did some weekly planning and call-ins since Elder Vai is our district leader. We then went to the Institute (we basically live there and it's also the church building) and had lunch. We walked around for a good while after that and talked with everyone we could along the way. We ride the bus around here a lot too, which is really entertaining at times (further explanation later). Then we tried to meet with this guy Finn who lives right near Zeke, who's another member. He wasn't home but we were able to teach this Muslim guy, Amar, about the word of wisdom. Then after we were able to meet and teach Abdula, another Muslim guy about the Restoration. We talk with a lot of Muslims here on campus, haha.

Saturday: So many blessings this day!! We had an appointment set up with a referral but he ditched so we did some work on Mormon.org and our booth. After, we planned to catch a bus, but we missed it and for a good reason. We walked out all the way to Marshall and Brandon, who are brothers. They are seriously super awesome! Brandon said he was Atheist but not really and Marshall we think was Jewish or just a non-denomination guy. Anyways, they were both so awesome, our lesson went great and they asked some really great (some weird) questions about the Restoration and things we believed, but everything we shared with them made sense and we're seeing them again on Wednesday. Then while walking back we stopped and talked to this girl Birdie. She grew up Catholic and we were able to teach her about the Restoration on the street! Super great contact! Later we walked up to a set of apartments and taught this girl from a few days before I was there and she was also an Atheist. It was a pretty good lesson, but she didn't seem too willing to believe. That night we rode the bus home from another point in town and on a Saturday night, the buses are always entertaining. A few drunk guys were telling us that they were from Belgium and that Elder was a funny first name, until one of them said "Woah, guys...I don't think their names are Elder" and then they all started laughing. Pretty great day overall.

Sunday: We had Brad, our ward mission leader, drive us to the Institute/Chapel since it was raining. Church was pretty sweet, Bert, our investigator on date for baptism, was at church and he is super cool. He loves to build robots and electrical stuff. Pretty sweet. Then we had a lesson set up with Anthony at the Institute with Craig, but he didn't show up at first. So we walked up the hill to his apartment to see if he was home, but he wasn't. We knocked a few doors with Craig and then we saw Anthony on his way back because we missed him by a minute or two. We had an awesome lesson with him and he is so ready for the Gospel!! The rest of the day was pretty quite because to be honest, lots of the people are just hungover on Sundays.

Yeah, it was pretty great though!! I absolutely love it here!

Take Luck,

Elder Goold!!

Transfer Day Companion Elder Flint

Elder Goold with Elder Vai

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