West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Monday, January 11, 2016

"Tip of the week: Don't do what Satan says"

Hey there!

Hope this last week for everyone was an awesome week! Lots of random stuff happened. 

Monday: We cleaned and shopped and cleaned some more & then took naps. We had dinner with the Morans & taught FHE for the night! They made some bomb chimichangas. 

Tuesday: We did Genealogical Society in the morning and then did some work up in Hot Springs after visiting Philippe. We even visited the Homestead for a little bit and it is so old and fancy and awesome, 10/10, would recommend. We also did some tracting and we are improving really well with our Teach, Ask, Testify about the restoration. Inviting the Spirit asap is so effective and powerful, I absolutely love it. 

Wednesday: We visited April Wills, a less active in Clifton with 5 kids. She is such a kind lady and her kids are great, they have really just been put in an unfortunate situation. We also visited Terry since he is recovering from hip replacement. Also that night, since Jackie also just got back from surgery, we went over with Sister Edwards to bring her and her family dinner! It was an awesome visit and we should be back to visiting them sometime this week!

Thursday: We did weekly planning in the morning and then we walked to a less active, Wayne Douglas, who is actually married to Sister Thompson’s sister, Martha. On the walk, the mill was doing a steam release at ridiculously high pressure and it was absolutely deafening. That night we had dinner with the Tuckers and we committed them to read and memorize one Article of Faith, because the Articles of Faith are so great for teaching simply. Then we visited Jodie. We were going to have a lesson about how unless she is actually progressing and repenting and changing we would make our visits less frequent because it really wasn't helping fulfill our purpose as missionaries, but that didn't happen because she just talked to us about random stuff. While we were there I told her how the way the Holy Ghost works is that we have to be worthy to have it. But she told us we were wrong and that she always has the Spirit in her heart, even if she is sinning. Which is not true doctrine, the scriptures teach us how we must be worthy to have the Spirit, but she didn't believe us. 

Friday: We had an awesome Zone meeting where we role played inviting people to church with a member friend present. I hope that all of you who are members are helping out the missionaries with the work because it truly is our work as well, and if you aren't try it! The blessings are amazing. So right after Zone meeting, I got a phone call from Jodie. She said "I can't study with you guys anymore."  Me: "Why not? What's wrong?" Her: "Because you said when I sin the Spirit leaves, but that's not true and it's in my heart and God knows I am right with Him, so you don't have to come over anymore." So that was very unexpected. It is sad to see that Satan tries so hard and so effectively to confuse people who clearly have a desire to change. Tip of the week: Don't do what Satan says. Pretty self-explanatory.

Then we had exchanges with the Zone Leaders. Elder Norman and I went to Buena Vista with Elder Johnson who, fun fact, is the nephew of Hank Smith. Hank Smith actually mentions him in quite a few of his CDs. We also had dinner with the Hardy family. Turns out that their Return Missionary son is awesome friends with Rylee McKeon and their daughter is roommates with Emily McFadyen! That was super random.

Saturday: We exchanged back and worked a lot in Clifton. Not too much else happened. 

Sunday: Awesome day. We had Kelly and Danny (a less-active and a non-member in Clifton) come to church with Sister Edwards. Mitzi made it this week and she is doing well! So darn close to having quit smoking! Then we had Fernando, the mustache guy from last week, come again! He knows a ton of people in the branch already and we are going to meet with him this week to invite him to learn about the Restored Gospel! He is such a cool guy and he absolutely loved church! Also, Juan had his non-member friend, who isn't Fernando, come with him. His friend only speaks Spanish however, so teaching him might be interesting. Overall, such a great day!

This week has been super great. I hope and pray that all of you are doing well. This truly is Christ's church and it is led by Him, through a living prophet today and I know that that is true. Fun story actually. We knocked on a guy’s door a few days ago and he automatically gave zero cares about us, but I immediately began to teach him about the truth of our message and the Restored Gospel. When I said "There is a Prophet on the earth today, and he leads and guides the LDS Church." He said "Who is this guy who thinks he's a Prophet?" and I responded "Well he doesn't think he's a prophet, he IS one. That is true". That may have been a little too bold, but I wasn't about to retract what I said. Thomas S. Monson truly is a prophet and at that moment and in moments of reflection since that day I have felt the peace of the Spirit reaffirm my testimony of that. 

Take Luck,

Elder Goold


  1. thanks for posting these letters Sarah...Daniel keep up the good work.

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