West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Monday, July 17, 2017

Welcome President and Sister Lindhardt to the WVCM - Charleston Zone Conference

This last week has been another slower week for us here. We did a TON of work on our booth, it has been a lot more prep than we anticipated, but it's going to be "totally wicked!". Well, not actually wicked. But you get the point. We did a lot of typing, printing and painting getting things ready for this Saturday!!

So we weren't able to see David since he's been sick all week. Poor guy!😖 We saw Tim again, just shortly because he was headed to the doctors (everyone's sick right now). We did get to see the Evans, but it was a sad visit, they apparently started going to some other church with their family so they weren't really interested anymore. 

We were able to see John Barnes again and that went fairly well. He's been reading more in the Book of Mormon and he's really good at remembering it and understanding the things taught in it. He's been praying more recently, he told us, to better know his purpose in life. We also ate some real good cheddar cheese broccoli soup. We invited him to church and he said he would be there, but for some reason he didn't make it!!😥  I guess if we could make them come to church, it would be too easy!

We were also able to see Frank! It was a short visit because he was crammed with work again but he talked with his wife and she said she would be totally open to learning about the church! So we showed him where the church was in his town and got him the number of the missionaries and such! So they were hopefully at church there yesterday! 

Then we got some sad news on Wednesday. We stopped in to visit the Martins and found out they were moving!! Sis. Martin apparently just found out she had cancer and so they are moving back to Welch WV to be close to family. So we volunteered and helped them with packing up everything, (they bought a house in Welch and moved with in a week) and cleaned out their apartment. So now they're down in Welch! Sad day (again), but on the bright side, her cousin who is a member of the church lives there, so they'll have a better time learning about the church and getting friend-shipped in the branch. But Elder Bailey and I did some good work moving stuff! It was quite the miracle to get everything in that Uhaul!

We had mission tour on Friday and finally got to meet the Lindhardts! They are awesome! Haha not going to lie, Sis. Lindhardt kinda reminded me of Aunt Patty (Shout out)! It was pretty cool, they are super nice and we had a great time getting to meet them and learn from them. And it was fun to sticky-note their car! :)

So something I liked that we talked about at the mission tour was "introspection". I just really like the word because it sounds fancy and it's really really important to understand. Introspection mean to look in with examination. This principle is something that we, if we wish to grow and be happy in life, must master. Sometimes it's not easy to look inward and admit what our weakness are, but as we do so, there is an increase of the Spirit in our life and a power from God to help us change. It helps us be humble and teachable before God. 

Hope you all had a great week and are enjoying the heat! It's been nice and hot here the last week or so, despite all the random rainstorms. Peace out!

Take Luck,
Elder Goold

Charleston Zone Conference to Meet President & Sister Lindhardt!

Fun at Zone Conference with Elder Jolley (front), Elder Main and Elder Bailey (back)

Fun time covering the Lindhardt's car in Sticky Notes!

I got a package from home full of phishes

Perfecting our painting skillz for our upcoming booth

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