West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Monday, July 3, 2017

“Things are going good for the branch”

I really couldn't think of any way to describe this last week. There was a lot of cool stuff that happened!  I also have lots of pictures from Zone Conference.

So yeah, Tuesday we had Zone Conference with the Salisburys. It was really sad to see them go, but they've done amazing things here! President Salisbury talked about finances a good bit (that’s his line of work) and we read through and discussed 2 Nephi chapters 31 and 32. The Spirit was really strong the whole time and I definitely learned a lot. Also got to see Elder Baggett, so that's always a great time. We also watched a pretty funny and very cheesy safety video.

So the “M” family is doing well. They had family come in for the 4th and so they had to reschedule, but they found out their daughter can hear - so that's really awesome!! Sister M was out of town this weekend, but Brother M made it to sacrament meeting yesterday!!! It was pretty awesome! He didn't stay the whole time since he came straight from work, but it was a great testimony meeting.

Friday we went on an adventure after the food pantry. We went out into some of the pretty far reaches of our area out in Ohio.  We did some tracting and ended up accidentally/successfully finding the “H” family. Sister H is a member and her husband is not. They are an AWESOME family,  super duper nice. Brother H actually knows a lot about the church and we were able to give him his own Book of Mormon to read. So that was pretty fun!

We were able to see David this last week!!! So not sure if I mentioned it before, but his mom wasn't super happy when she heard he went to the mormon church, because ya know, we're a cult and all (more on that later, haha). So all last week he was staying with his family so they'd calm down, but he's still interested and enjoys the teachings of the church and Book of Mormon, so please keep praying for him!

We got to see Frank again (I can't remember if I've mentioned him or not haha). He's the catholic guy who made it out to our family history class the other week. We talked with him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and our goal was to see if he would talk to his wife about meeting missionaries and learning about the church up in Pennsylvania (where he lives, he works down here for the week). We were pretty excited when he said yes, mostly because his wife is a pretty devoted Catholic. He was actually really excited about it since he agrees with a lot of the things we've taught him so far.

Things are going good for the branch. We've been getting things going for a branch “Family Home Evening” which will be starting up next month. Family history class is getting more support (as much support as a branch of 15-20 can give - haha) and we've got a lot of stuff ready for our booth at Walmart in a few weeks.

So UPDATE: I was talking with Zeke (from Morgantown) after church and he gave me some updates. Jesha (whom I taught and was baptized after I left Morgantown) and Cody just got married a week or two ago! And even crazier, Natalia (the student from Brazil whom I taught and she also got baptized after I left Morgantown) just got married in the temple!!!!!!! Zeke told me she was able to get first presidency approval to be married in the temple before a year of membership because of something with her visa and such. So yeah, that was pretty legit to hear about. Then this kid named Tripp (not sure if I ever mentioned him before) who I met the day before I left Mo-town just got baptized in his hometown!

So funny story from yesterday: Doing some good ole' door knockin' and this one guy was pretty unhappy to see us!😂 He said, and I quote, "No. Heck No! Y'all are a cult and don't know crap about Jesus !" and then slammed the door! News flash dear brother, ALL churches are a cult. My dictionary reads that a cult is "a group of individuals who share a religious or philosophical beliefs". I just think it's funny nobody actually knows what a cult is. Oh well, it was pretty funny. Good times!

2 Nephi 32 verse 1 says:
1 And now, behold, my beloved brethren, I suppose that ye ponder somewhat in your hearts concerning that which ye should do after ye have entered in by the way. But, behold, why do ye ponder these things in your hearts?
Here Nephi is teaching about the doctrine of Christ, specifically about enduring to the end. After and entire chapter of teaching the necessity for baptism (entering in by the way) and then receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost he explains what it really means to "endure to the end". The people are pondering how they are supposed to endure to the end, hence Nephi says "why do ye ponder these things in your hearts?". Verse 5 later says: 

For behold, again I say unto you that if ye will enter in by the way, and receive the Holy Ghost, it will show unto you all things what ye should do.
That is the great key to enduring to the end! Enduring to the end isn't just some mindless test of endurance, but it means to live worthily and follow the Spirits guidance for you and your life. The Holy Ghost, if you are living worthily, simply whispers to you what you need to do. This is how your life becomes a life of humble service to the Lord.

Hope y'all had a good week! Tomorrow is the 4th will be plently entertaining. Ripley claims the "Largest Small Town Independence day" celebration. 10,000 people here in a tiny town! Should be fun! President and Sister Lindhardt have arrived safely in WV and we'll get to meet them next Friday, the 14th. 

Take Luck,

Elder Goold

Last Zone Conference with President and Sister Salisbury

Seeing Elder Baggett - always a good time

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