West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Monday, June 19, 2017

“It's been a good last few days”

Hey y'all! Hope you're all doing well! It's been a good last few days. Things are going well and are going by real fast!! Not a whole lot has actually happened these last few days though. Here's a recap:

Wednesday we got to see the “M” family! They are doing well. We were able to teach them about the Plan of Salvation and it went really well. They got some sad news about their baby, it turns out that as of now, she has no hearing. 😥 It's super sad, but there is a chance she can regain it since it's caused by her premature birth. Please keep praying for them!! They weren't able to make it to church, but we are hoping to see them on a weekly basis because they're schedule is better now. So we are excited for them!

We were also able to see Tim again! We taught him more about the Plan of Salvation. It went really well as we discussed more about the Fall and baptism with him. We were able to commit him to baptism in July! We also made a plan for him to read from the Book of Mormon everyday and he was really committed to it.

We were also able to have a lesson with the Mullins family! Not sure how much I've talked about them before, but they are a less active family here in Ripley. We talked with them about their conversion story and a lot about prayer. They committed to pray everyday together and on their own. Brother Mullins and their son Kyle also came to church yesterday! It was cool to have them there! We are really excited for them and are praying that they are able to start coming back to church regularly!

We didn't get to see David any more, but we are seeing him again this week and he is doing well. We also haven't been able to see the Earl and Justine recently, but we're still trying. It's hard when they don't have a phone for us to call, but it's okay. We also had to reschedule with Sister Meadows too this week because everyone and their dog was at a family reunion in Charleston and we couldn't have anyone with us. We're hoping to have a good upcoming week and an awesome transfer.

I've got a lot of pictures this week because last week I didn't get to send all the ones I wanted to. We also went up to Spencer last week and played frisbee golf again. It was super fun and way better with actual disks instead of lame Walmart frisbees.

Something I wanted to share something from my Book of Mormon reading I started back in March, just about 3 months ago. I decided to highlight the promised blessings of the Lord that are conditioned on our repentance and faith in Him. As I have done so, I have been able to feel the Spirit testify to me of the Lords desire to bless us. He asks so simple of commandments yet rewards us so fully. I know for myself, that the Lord loves us. I testify that His promised blessings are readily available to ALL!! There is nothing that holds you back from God's blessings, but you. So make the choice to learn about Him and see the blessings that come from it.

Hope all of you are doing well and I want to encourage each of you to be good and do good!!

Take Luck,

Elder Goold

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