West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

“Busy and exciting week!”

Hello!! So this last week and a half went by crazy fast! First things first: Elder Bailey and I are both staying in Ripley another transfer! So we are pretty pumped! Elder Scott and Elder Webb are also both staying in Spencer.

So someone we've seen a lot over the last week and a half is David! He is awesome. We knocked on his door a few weeks ago but didn't get to teach him until last Tuesday. But he had found some church history documentary on PBS and watched it and really enjoyed it. So we were able to teach him about the Restoration, the Plan of Happiness and the Gospel of Jesus Christ! We've seen him a good number of times over the last week. He even came to church this last week!!! He loved it! He is super- awesome though and he's preparing to be baptized in July! We're pretty stoked about it:) Keep him in your prayers!

Tim is doing well, he's been reading in his Book of Mormon, but we didn't get to see him this week. He's the nicest guy and so he let someone he knew having family problems live with him for a little bit, but he had troubles with that guy, so he wasn't able to make it to church. But he is doing well and we are going to see him again tonight and Friday.

The “M’s” are doing well. Sister M is having trouble with her job again so that's been causing her a lot of stress. They also just got a new dog, which I totally love. I just love dogs. Ask Elder Bailey, I pet every dog here 😂😂 But anyways, they've been able to read a little in the Book of Mormon and she's listened to a ton of it on her phone! So that's pretty great and we are going to see them again tonight!

We were finally able to see Sister Meadows again yesterday! We weren't able to teach her but we set up a time to see her on Saturday, so that was good. She's been going through a lot lately, but she said she's been able to read in the Book of Mormon and it helped her! She also read some of it to her pentacostal friend over the phone without telling her what it was and her friend loved it! Then once she told her it was the Book of Mormon her friend said it was wrong 😂 Apparently Joanne called her out, saying she didn't make any sense haha!

We haven't been able to see Earl & Justine in a little while, they've had some family members having health problems over in Ohio, so they've been gone a lot.

We're starting to plan for a booth at Wal-mart next month, which will be pretty exciting! We aren't sure what we are going to do for the theme of it, but we've got a lot of good ideas, so it's going to be legit!!!

Other randomly exciting things: We put googly eyes on a lot of things, we built a castle out of cans at the food pantry because things were really slow and I got a nice slice off of my finger with a potato peeler!! We're headed over to Spencer today for some more disk golf, so that will be fun!

This last week at church there was a talk all about following the Spirit and it's promptings. He shared something that was really cool called the 5- second rule. No, this has nothing to do with picking up food off of the ground. The rule is that whenever you feel a prompting to do something, start counting down from 5 and then DO IT. It will help you do good things and follow the Spirit more. Obviously, don't do this for rash and angry behavior, because that would just make things worse. 😂 It works because giving yourself a time limit stops you from rationalizing away the thoughts or impressions you have and helps you act!! It's pretty cool, so I urge each of you to try and use it!

Much love and wish you all the best!!!

Take luck!!

Elder Goold

PS: Our fridge is working,  it's all good!

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