West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Monday, April 3, 2017

“General Conference: THE BEST!!!!”

Well this last week was something, that's for sure! We tried hard to get appointments with all of our investigators and others, but we weren't able to see too many of them. But it's going well. 

We were able to see the Moore's on Friday. So Sis. Moore is a less active lady from Utah, who is married to a non-member. He's been taught for a while but right now they are reading through the Book of Mormon together. They are in 2nd Nephi and it's going really well. They were able to watch some conference and so President Monson's talk was great for them. 

We also got to see Bro. Casto. He's an older gentleman with two HUGE Great Danes, one 7 years old, one 11 months old, both bigger than me by a lot. He's a really nice man. He was taught by missionaries before as well, but hasn't been seen in a while. We just talked with him about conference and got him the Gospel Library so that he can read the Book of Mormon in bigger print. 

We also got to see Tim again and set up an appointment for this weekend. And cool story as we were walking to see him this random lady yelled at us from her porch about not coming to talk with her!! That usually isn't the response we get, usually people are quite happy when we don't with them! But apparently elders and sisters used to come by in the past and she wanted us to come back again, so we get to meet with her as well! 

We did some service at the Food pantry on Friday and that was good. It's not always super busy, but we meet a lot of awesome people there. We got to share the initiative #Princeofpeace with some of the people there! 

Speaking of the initiative, EVERYONE CHECK IT OUT IT IS AMAZING!!!!! mormon.org has the video up right now!!! It is so great. I love it because it clearly shows how great Christ's accomplishments were in comparison to the world! And the videos that go along with it are great too, showing how Christ's sacrifice and Resurrection has helped many people in different ways. Then, once you check it out, share it!!!!!!! Send the video or website or a picture from it to someone you think of that needs it. I promise this will bless your life and those you share it with! This is probably my favorite initiative so far!

General Conference: THE BEST!!!! I have no clue which ones stuck out because so many of them did! But I was really, really touched by Elder Rasband’s talk Sunday morning. 10/10 would recommend. I loved the idea of responding to our first spiritual promptings, because they are pure and will yield immediate blessings and we will be right 9/10 times (quoting Joseph Smith). This I feel like went perfectly with our Zone Conference we had last Thursday about relying on the Spirit. I hope each of you got to listen to or watch conference and if you didn't, DO IT!!! It is such a spiritual feast. I know the leaders of this church hold the same power as the ancient prophets and apostles and with such authority, they share with us exactly what we need to hear!!!! 

So last week apparently Elder Webb and Elder Moyle got jumped in Huntington...yeah, sketchy. They had some drunk guy come and talk to them and then punched them both in the face a few times and Bro. Sebastiani in the car called 911. Yeah, crazy!! 

Hope all of you are having a great week so far and I hope the rest goes just as great! Peace out!!

Take Luck,

Elder Goold

Elder Burgerner, Elder Scoot and I

Getting ready to watch General Conference

This is Matt Rhodes, he served his mission in Roseville back in 2008 and he is moving down to Charleston.

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