West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Monday, April 10, 2017

“Chocolate Festival!”

Yep! We had the WV Chocolate Festival this weekend! 🍫 I had told myself I wouldn't get anything, but that was a terrible lie. Chocolate brownie explosion balls (not even sure how...) were my favorite. I also got some Amish chocolate bread. A lot of Amish things here oddly! 

We've been trying to work a lot with the Prince of Peace video here and so we did a few different things. First, we made a poster on some cardboard with metal hangers bent to hold it up and then planted it right along side the Wal-mart parking lot! It was pretty "missionary" for sure, but it is still there now, so we're pretty satisfied haha! Then we printed out a bunch of the posters for it and posted them up all over town the night before the festival to maximize people seeing it. Not sure if it did too much, but can't hurt right? Then we're trying to work with members to post it on social media but we don't have too many members that are tech savvy enough to do that, but hey! 

We got to see Tim again last night and we read some of the Book of Mormon with him. He's a really good guy, but right now he's getting trapped in the things going on in the world, so it's been a distraction for him in reading the scriptures. He's definitely sincere though and so we are going to teach him more about the plan of salvation tonight! He's also going to come to church this Sunday!

We had a good amount of appointments that we set up, but a lot of them fell through. A lot of people are getting sick around here, but we're going to have a good week this week. The “M’s” are a family who live in Ravenswood, and they are awesome. I haven't been able to teach them yet, but we're still working with them towards baptism. We were going to teach them this past weekend, but their 2 month daughter got sick, which is really sad, so pray for them! 

Sister Meadows is someone we saw yesterday. They started teaching her right before I got here and she is having a lot of questions about the Plan of Salvation because her daughter recently passed away. So she finds a lot of comfort in the plan of happiness! Unfortunately when we went to teach her yesterday, she told us her friend called her and told her what she believes as a Pentecostal and then Sis. Meadows proceeded to teach her about what we believe. Her friend didn't agree with the things we taught and so she started questioning and to make a long story short, Sis. Meadows just called her friend while we were there and let her friend ask us all her questions instead of getting to teach her like we planned. It was pretty frustrating, but oh well, Sis. Meadows still believes what we've taught her so far, so it's all good. 

Something that I really liked this last week that I felt as I studied was how loving God's plan is. There isn't a single person who doesn't get a fair chance at partaking of all of God's blessings. Everyone, either in this life or the next, will have a perfect opportunity to come unto Christ and feel His love. I was reminded of this as I read one of my new favorite scriptures, 1 Nephi chapter 22 verse 28. It's so simple and so all encompassing. ALL nations and people and kindreds and tounges can have a relationship with Christ that will bring them peace. No one is left out!! 

I tried my best to get pictures this week, so hopefully you enjoy. I tried to get more from Elder Webb but he forgot his camera this week so next week! Haha. Peace out!

Take Luck,

Elder Goold

PS: If you haven't shared the Prince of Peace video on mormon.org, do it!!!! It's awesome!!

We found some legit green glasses in the closet!

Amish Chocolate Bread

The headquarters of the Food Pantry where we do service

Our Walmart sign

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