West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Monday, April 18, 2016

"I absolutely love being a missionary!"

It was such a fun week, sadly no hike last week like planned, but we just went adventuring in the woods on some trails and found a pizza in a waterfall.  There was just a sealed frozen pizza floating down this waterfall.  I absolutely love being a missionary!

Brunno is doing really well also! We taught him both the Law of Chastity and the Word of Wisdom this week, so that was quite the double whammy, but of course, he is awesome, so he is doing well. He has a girlfriend back home in Brazil and said that the Law of Chastity would be hard for him because of that, but then on his own, he told her what he was learning about and said that he wouldn't do anything against the Law of Chastity with her because he really wants to follow God and Christ! She was totally okay with it too and is really starting to be interested in the Church through him! We are so excited to see the progress he is making and it was pretty amazing that he was humble enough to do that. He is really prepared and I thank our Heavenly Father for his willingness and humility because of how much it will bless him.

We were able to teach a couple on Friday who are French speakers!!! Gui and Nicole are both from France and he is here for school! He speaks both languages and she only spoke French, although she understands English. We taught them the Restoration and it went really well! I just thought it was cool to run into someone who is a native French speaker here. Just like French class in school, I had no clue what they were saying, but cool nonetheless.

This week has also been really crazy with parties since it's almost summer and the weather is nice now. So lots of crazy, naturally. We had some guy drive by in a Batman mask and scream "WHERE IS SHE???" at us. Elder Vai got a Gatorade bottle thrown at him from a car and we played cornhole (bean bag toss) with a party of drunk guys. Funny enough, they had no clue about what we do, so they wholeheartedly offered us beer and invited us to play cornhole. It was way harder then I thought and we lost terribly. But don't worry, we found someone to teach from it, so it was worth it, haha!

Well, like I mentioned last week, Bert's baptism was last night! It was so awesome! Sadly the bishop got sick that morning, so we had a change for Heston to perform the baptism, but other than that, everything went really well! Heston accidently messed up with the prayer part, so he was kind of baptized twice, but it was all good. We had awesome support from the ward and a few people we are teaching were able to make it!  There we met an awesome guy the sister missionaries are going to let us teach and he told us about how strongly he felt the Spirit during the ordinance! There were also lots of refreshments, which are always good.

Something that I have been noticing a lot this week has been how we can apply the Gospel and the scriptures to everything. I have been able to see how random things apply to the way we live the Gospel and follow the Spirit, especially last night at the baptism. Heston, as well as performing the baptism, gave a talk on the Holy Ghost and used an example about the way cities and gates and guides through the city used to work and how similarly, the Spirit
can guide us through our Father in Heaven according to the heed we give it.

This has seriously been the best, most crazy week ever. It was awesome. I finally had a pepperoni roll! It's like 400 calories or something crazy like that. But super good... :)
Well, I hope all of you had a good last week and enjoy this next one!

Take Luck,
Elder Goold

My first pepperoni roll.

Me, Heston, Bert and Elder Vai!

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