West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Friday, April 15, 2016

"He then told us his name was 'Rock and Roll'

Hello! I hope everyone has had an awesome week! It's a huge blur so I'll try to remember some good things and some funny things.

We were able to meet with Brunno (His name has 2 N's apparently) and he is doing super awesome. We taught him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and prayer. It was such a great lesson and we are just so excited with Brunno's readiness! He also came to church, which was awesome and he really loved the fast and testimony meeting! We've got most of our meetings with him scheduled and he told the other missionaries that he's excited about getting baptized on the 30th!

Tuesday we had dinner with Cody and Jescha and taught him about Priesthood and service in the Church, which went really well! He's progressing very well, but he works on Sunday, so he'll meet with missionaries over the summer when he goes home and work with them there.  We got to meet with him on Friday as well and he's been doing really well with reading and actually learning things from the Book of Mormon!

Wednesday was a very strange day. We were walking down High Street and we stopped to talk to John, a local homeless man. After a little bit of conversation, we were joined by Tom, another homeless person. It was all good because homeless people are pretty awesome, until Steven showed up. He came stumbling out of Buffalo Wild Wings and saw us, came over and screamed "MORMON PARTY!!!" He then told us his name was Rock and Roll and he was repeatedly trying to hit on me and get our phone number while Elder Vai talked to the homeless people. Then when his ride showed up, he gave me a hug. It was very funny and strange at the same time.

Thursday to Friday, Elder Vai and I exchanged with the Zone Leaders so I went with Elder Stoddard (featured below) to their area. The Zone Leaders actually live in a garage/house/thing and it's kind of awesome. Anyways, I got to go to Pennsylvania, a little town called Point Marion. We found a lady there who was super ready to meet the missionaries and learn about the Gospel, it was awesome. Elder Kropuschek interviewed Bert on Thursday and he is ready for Baptism! We did have to move it to this upcoming Sunday for planning purposes, but it will still be happening!

The cold weather (ie: snow) isn't fun when you walk everywhere. See picture below. Saturday decided to snow, which severely limited the number of people outdoors, that's for sure. We did some indoor tracting within the apartment complexes here. Sunday evening we were tracting some apartments when we decided to knock on one last door and we found a super solid potential girl named Amanda!  Then we went home and we cooked up plantains. 4/10 would not recommend.

Anyways, something I wanted to share with y'all comes from the Book of Mormon, Alma chapter 41. I decided to call it Super Karma. In the last 3 verses it teaches that whatever we do, whatever we give to other people and however we act will be rewarded to us in the next life, but of course, in greater ways, because God loves us all as His children. So what goes around, comes around, but better if we do good things. So do good stuff, I think it's pretty simple😀 

I also can't believe I have already been on my mission for a whole 7 months! It feels like 2 years and a week all at the same time. I really love it here and I'm not too sure I want it to end. I really hope all of you have a great rest of the week and stay safe where ever you are. A pro safety tip I have learned since I have been here is to stay away from large gatherings outside of clubs and bars. Alrighty, I have talked too much, time to go

Take Luck,

Elder Goold

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