West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Monday, November 16, 2015

"We seriously had the best fried chicken"

What's up peeps? 

This week has gone by super fast! Or at least for me it has, I'm not sure. Anyways, I'll kinda do highlights and teaching things we did this week. 

Monday: We met with Jodie and Toni. Jodie, we've been working a lot with her and are trying to get her progressing more. We had a lesson on Alma 32 and faith with Toni and he thought those verses were supposed to be funny, so… He has lots of stuff from our church mixed up with other random stuff he reads, so we want to try and just teach the normal lessons over again with him.

Tuesday: We had a crazy day. All sort of good stuff was planned, but we had to change a lot of stuff and ended up going to dinner with Juan. He took us to D&J's, this restaurant right near our house and we seriously had the best fried chicken. And it was all you can eat. Now I know why people here get so fat - haha. We were able to have a lesson with Patsy and Juan after that. The chicken was seriously so good.

Wednesday: Wednesday was a good day. We had Elder Kopischke from the 70 come visit for our Zone Conference!!! It was so awesome to get to meet him!! He was super nice and gave us such fantastic advice. My favorite thing was a simple yet powerful teaching/contacting method. Missionary 1 will teach a simple principle, ask a "level 2" question, and then testify. Then the 2nd missionary will also testify and then repeat the first missionary’s steps. It allows for so many opportunities to bear witness of the Restoration or the Book of Mormon or anything! It also greatly helps with engaging the person we are talking to. And he talked a lot about agency, especially in regards to those we find and teach. 

Thursday: Awesome day. So we finally had our 1st first discussion with someone! We went over to Ashley's house and taught about the Book of Mormon and the whole Restoration! The whole lesson we were focusing on the ideas Elder Kopischke gave us and the Spirit of that lesson was so powerful, it was amazing. It was amazing to see how the Lord had truly prepared her to receive and be committed. She totally loves the Book of Mormon as well and how it so simply testifies of Christ and builds our faith in Him.

Friday: We had a good lesson with Mitzi and another reading session with Jodie. We actually had a whole lesson with Mitzi on Tithing and Fast Offerings. It was strange kind of, because I feel like pre-mission paying tithing isn't too financially difficult. Not that I didn't have a testimony of paying tithing before hand, but the Spirit testified to all of us during that lesson of it's importance and how much the Lord loves us when we sacrifice to help His kingdom here on the Earth. 

Saturday: I'm not even sure too much of what happened Saturday, lots of people were unavailable for us to come by but we were able to meet with Jodie and read from the Book of Mormon.

Sunday: Yesterday was a hectic day. So we had got to the church at 8 and Elder Rasmussen totally forgot he was teaching Elders Quorum, so nothing like planning for a lesson during Church right? Jodie, Logan and Logan’s friend Justice actually were there this week!! But unfortunately Brother Wilkins passed out right before blessing the Sacrament and the ambulance had to be called. Then Jodie and her squad left because a few years ago Logan actually watched his father have a seizure and die in the living room in front of him, so he started to have a panic attack that Brother Wilkins was dead, so they left. Logan is awesome, but he's had such a rough life.

We almost got ran into by a sheriff not paying attention while leaving church! Then we went to see Philippe out in Hot Springs. We were able to have a good contact with a family that lives near Philippe and they are some of the nicest people! We'll totally be trying to catch them again soon! We almost had a deer jump straight in front of us driving home from Hot Springs!

Elder Rasmussen and I made fun game, taking turns trying to name as many words as possible that start with a certain letter. This morning I actually bought a jump-rope so now I have a way of doing some aerobic exercise indoors. We don't go out to run every morning when it's less than 30, that's for sure.   I may or may not have made Spaghetti Tacos. Shout-outs to iCarly 

Good luck in all your future endeavors and Godspeed, 

Elder Goold

Ps: Elder Rasmussen and I always quote Brian Regan 😆

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