West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Monday, November 9, 2015

"So I am kind of horrified and mystified at the same time"

It's been pretty good here!

Thursday we weren't able to get any lessons, but Jodie had us come over to meet her friend Fred and her new bunny Oreo. She already had a male bunny Nate and so she got Oreo so they could have kids. BUT, she wanted her bunnies to follow the law of chastity, so she had me marry her rabbits together! I actually found an old High School Graduation Diploma up in our attic and so I edited it so it was a bunny marriage license  - haha. That was pretty unique. 

Friday, we had a dinner appointment, but they had to cancel, so that was a bummer. We are getting a new phone, so we've been going through all of our contacts and have actually found a few potential investigators from the past who are cool with meeting us! Then that night we met with Mitzi and gave her the 12 Step Recovery book we got her and she's really working with quitting smoking so she can be baptized in December!

Saturday met with Brother Arritt who's just recently returned from knee surgery in Roanoke and so he's slow moving but has been able to come to church the last two weeks. 

Yesterday it got really cold all of a sudden. That may be random but it kinda plays in later. Church was great as usual and Patsy was there with Juan, which was good. We actually had two high councilmen from the Stake come and speak. Brother Larsen, funny enough, actually served IN ROSEVILLE for 4 months of his mission back when he served!!! He didn't tell me the year because he said he feels old, but pretty freaking cool right? So later we met with Philippe who has been doing pretty well recently. We were going to teach Ashley, Jodie friend from the last email, but she was working on moving firewood inside because of how cold it was, so we are going back today. Funny enough, Jodie at first told us her name was Angela so we asked her kids if Angela was home and they were very confused. Then we did talk more with Jodie and are starting to help her read the Book of Mormon more! 

Okay fun stories. 
1. Last night was a good experience with prayer for me, yet it was awful. So Jodie made us meatloaf. I reheated some and ate it. It was really good, but super fatty and greasy, which of course made it better. But at 2:30 in the morning I wake up after some really odd dreams, and the meatloaf has pretty much been still in my stomach from how fatty it was. I felt awful like I was going to throw up any minute now, but I don't enjoy up-chucking very much (scout campouts...*shudders*). So I turned over and prayed asking that I would be able to feel better soon and be able to sleep without throwing up a whole bunch of meatloaf. And it was such a miracle, because almost instantly I felt a calm come over me and then my stomach felt better! It was super weird, I never though I would have a spiritual experience with meatloaf but hey! 

2. So, yesterday after church, we were coming inside to change before we left. And there was a very very strange giant bug on our front porch, along the side of the door. It was probably an inch long, maybe a tad bit longer. It had this weird ridge thingy on its back and didn't move very fast. But it was cool so of course, I poked it with some grass. It actually grabbed my piece of grass a few times and was surprisingly strong. It actually grabbed hold and I lifted it up and got real close to it to see it! It looked super cool. Then, early today, Elder Rasmussen sent a picture he took of it to his friend from the MTC and they said to not go near it, because it's called an Assassin Bug, or a Wheel Bug, and they can hospitalize people! So Elder Rasmussen had some family look it up and I had my mother (Shout-outs to Mom😜) look up more about them. They apparently with inject this stinger kinda thing into people and it hurts instantly and intensely. They release this enzyme into their pray and then the enzyme liquefies their insides and then the bug drinks the fluid out!!!! They can carry some sort of disease that can cause humans all sorts of problems with internal organs. I WAS 10 INCHES AWAY FROM THIS THING WITH A PIECE OF GRASS! We actually got it on video with Elder Rasmussen's camera haha. So I am kind of horrified and mystified at the same time. Especially since we have some problems with bugs getting inside our house through a hole on the back of the house... Well hopefully I don't get bit by one!

The other night Elder Rasmussen heard me sleep talking and all I said was "Hey there! Are you free right now?"..."Oh, well is there another time maybe tomorrow or the next day we would come back and teach?"...."Cool"... So I guess I am being a missionary in my sleep. Is that good or bad? Haha. Anyways, hope everyone is doing well! Everything here in Covington is going well ðŸ˜Š


Elder Goold

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