West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Monday, October 26, 2015

"The feeling of the Spirit was strong"

I sent pictures, which took kind of a long time. This week, along with everything so far, feels like it's gone by super fast. It actually has been swinging between warm and warmer here the last week. Just today it started raining again.

Philippe is feeling better after his problems with being sick. We got to study with him again in the Book of Mormon and we shared the Daily Bread Mormon messages.

Jodie and Logan were having a rough week. Wednesday one of Jodie’s good friends had his mom pass and then out of nowhere, one of her other close friends had to put down a dog that she and Logan were both close to. They both understand and believe the teachings of the plan of salvation and know that there is life after death, but they are both sad when people or animals (much more with animals for Jodie) pass. The feeling of the Spirit was strong to comfort them, it was pretty amazing. We also helped her move a huge fence cage for the goats she's getting.

We didn't get to see Harry and Josh, which was unfortunate. We did exchanges again Thursday, so Elder Thompson came to Covington with me. On Thursday we were supposed to meet with Janette for teaching the Restoration. When we knocked on the door, she was actually about to leave because her daughter, who has MS, was leaving on a trip for a while and wanted to visit with her before she left. We were able to give her a pamphlet about the restoration though so that was positive! Even though it wasn't a lesson, it was cool to feel the Spirit reassure me of the truthfulness of what we were doing! I know that it is this Gospel and eternal families that truly bring happiness to us in this life.

We had a strange "lesson" with William this week. We talked about all sorts of stuff and his motorbike he is building. Then I attempted to share a scripture from 2nd Nephi with him and led it into asking him to read the Book of Mormon more. Then he flipped my message around and tried to teach me about the scripture by asking me what I learned from it and that was weird. Then he said how in his own mind with what makes sense to him and matches the faith he has, he considers himself Mormon. But he said so with beer in hand. So... Then he said even though he believes our teachings, he doesn't gain anything from reading (which isn't true, he just needs to be taught to recognize the fruits of the Spirit) and is content to going to, "middle heaven" and then ranted on about how he'll party in middle heaven and wave to the Mormons way above him. So that was unique haha. But yeah! It has been a good week.  Hopefully we are able to start meeting with members more (most members in our branch live outside our area) and start to get more referrals and thus new investigators and member present lessons and meals. It's seeming like a better use of our time the more we work at it! Hope everything is awesome for you all at home! Stay frosty my friends!

Sincerely Elder Goold

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