West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Monday, October 19, 2015

"One of the fastest hypnotists in the whole world"

How is everyone doing?

This week has been interesting. It's been dry here the last week, but it is getting much colder now. 42 degrees this morning at 10 before we went shopping!

So Elder Rasmussen and I have been trying to find new investigators. We had an appointment to meet with Janette, our next-door neighbor, for a first lesson, but when we knocked she didn't answer. That was unfortunate, but we learned yesterday when we saw her walking that apparently she was in fact home, we just didn't knock loud enough to hear! So we are going back Thursday and determined to break down the door if we need to - J. We have also been trying to get into contact with the family that lives near Sister Carter. They haven't been home, but one day (Tuesday I believe) we were tracting and we found another lady who lives nearby that was interested, but was busy at the moment, so we've been trying to contact her as well. This week has been a lot of people not being home. It's sort of discouraging when we try to visit people every day, but they are literally never home. Or they're just ignoring us - haha. Elder Rasmussen and I joke that Convington is actually a government conspiracy so it's lots of just empty houses.

We did visit Jodie again and did some more service around her house. Well, actually under her house. I had to crawl through a space under her house so I could shut off water to her fridge, since she only used tap water anyways. It apparently had a leak and was costing extra money.

Friday we had district meeting and then after I got to do exchanges for the first time!! I went with the district leader Elder Rasmussen. He is super cool but makes quirky decisions while driving - haha. We met one of their investigators who is actually a hypnotist! He had gotten in a bad car accident like 3 weeks prior, so he can no longer do a certain type of hypnosis, but he can still do his favorite kind. He is actually known as one of the fastest hypnotists in the whole world!! We had an awesome conversation with him though. Saturday morning we had a service project of cleaning someone’s windows. We did it for Brother Whiting in the ward since he couldn't do it himself. Then we tried meeting a referral but the address isn't correct anymore, so we're trying to meet up with him. He is married to a less active, so a part member family is awesome.

Yesterday we had church and Elder Rasmussen (my actual comp.) and I got pulled into primary to teach a little, which was fun. Last night we had some success with meeting Maricella, a less active, and Steve, an investigator. Both were busy, but it was nice to be able to actually talk to someone! But it has been a good week, Elder Rasmussen and I are working on praying more and praying for the people we teach more often.

I’m sorry!!! It literally takes 20 mins to upload 1 photo and I didn't find that out until 10 mins ago, when we were supposed to be leaving. I'll have to do them... next week L  Hope everything is going great for all of you!


Elder Goold

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