West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Monday, May 9, 2016

"Morgantown is now a Ghost Town."

So this week was officially finals. Everyone and their dog have now left Morgantown, so it is very empty and quiet. Lots of the week was filled with finding and fixing our new bikes, so I will leave out the details of our endless campus contacting and tracting.

Last Monday we played a lot of Ultimate Frisbee and I got very, very dirty because it was exceedingly muddy. Pictured below!

Tuesday we got our bikes and so we worked on them a little. I have a very awkward and uncomfortable seat, but none of the other ones from other missionaries fit, so I am stuck with this one. We got to teach Brunno on Tuesday after we helped Ky and Emily move out of their home. We went to his house and taught him about the ten commandments and showed him a lot of the online church resources.

We were able to teach Gui and Nicole again and this time we had all sorts of French materials so it went super well. They understood a lot about the resurrection from Alma 40, which is what we taught them since Gui's mother had just recently passed. He is talking about even coming to church in a few weeks when is he is able to take time off!

Kory is someone new. We actually taught him last Sunday but I forgot to mention him. He is actually good friends with a member here, Josh (neither are leaving for the summer. ) We taught him last Friday or Saturday and it went really well, he read the Book of Mormon and had some really good ideas and questions about it!

Not much happened this week, other than the mass exodus out of town. I had never seen so many Uhaul trailers! It is much more quiet since people have left. A lot less partying and music, but sadly a lot less people to talk to. We really have been blessed recently though, we have found random groups of people interested that will actually be staying during the summer!! It is quite awesome.

Something I wanted to share with everyone this week is about questions. Last night, Elder Vai and I were talking with some very interesting people and he asked us why we were Mormon. Elder Vai said something I really liked about how this Gospel can answer any serious gospel question because we are the only church with modern revelation and that can answer questions for everyone. I know this is true and that is something we tell our investigators: Come to church with a question you really have and be prepared to have it answered. The Spirit can always give us unique answers, exactly what we need to hear, as long as we are open to it!

I just realized that I never told you all about our trek through the woods! We decided we were going to blaze a trail through the woods to get home faster. Well, everything but that actually happened. The woods here are very difficult to navigate, especially in the night. Lots of random water and animals. But it was a very thrilling 25 mins of being lost!

Anyways, you are all great, Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there!

Take Luck,

Elder Goold!

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