West Virginia Charleston Mission

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

First Week in the MTC

Tuesday, September 15, 2015:

So everything here so far I have really loved, but only because I love studying, the scriptures/church topics, and enjoy classes. If you don't, the MTC will probably be harder, in regards to others coming here in the future. Our District Leader is really cool. He is about 3 years older, he went to BYU-I first. The district is 3 elder companionships and 2 sister comps. All district are all the same size but not always that ratio. My comp is Elder M from Idaho. He is interesting. Super funny! 2 Elders are having a harder time with adjusting and focusing all 7 hours of sitting in the same classroom all day and often makes semi-serious jokes about this being prison and wanting to leave... That kind of attitude can be a bit much, but I love them and our whole district anyway. 

Class is really cool, I have learned a ton, but I have also realized just how prepared I was compared to a lot of missionaries. I actually wanted to come, I enjoyed studying the scriptures a lot before, I enjoyed class and school, which when combined, allows me to focus much better and want to do the studying during class so… that is a good thing. Lessons are pretty close to what I imagined, it is just hard to think about both investigators and balancing what we need to plan to teach them both, and have time to do it all. But I really am doing quite well. Also, if you ever plan on teaching someone how to read from the BoM, have a chapter already picked out. Using 1 Nephi 17:2 is a horrid idea...especially to someone pregnant.

Food is okay, cereal is always safe. Haven't tried the OJ, but the 'fresh' fruit is just as bad, minus the bananas. The Residence Halls have 6 elders on bunks to a room. Our 6 District elders are one room.

Gym is fun, I have just run by myself every time so far. I am in quite better shape than I thought, haha.  So Saturday at gym, our district leader hurt his ankle so we got to give him a blessing and that was awesome. We could all feel the Savior in the room watching over us.

I really loved Sunday, our Branch President gave an awesome address about how we are all here because we are capable, and showed us some scriptures about God foreordaining people before this life and it reminded me of my Patriarchal blessing. Sunday doesn't feel like Sunday. They have all missionaries write a 3-5 min talk, then choose who speaks during Sacrament. That's fun. The Sunday choir practice was great, the conductor is super cool! The devotional was about following the spirit and recognizing it, which was cool. Then we watched Elder Bednar’s The Character of Christ. It was life changing to be honest, I would have never thought about the things he talked about, 10/10 would recommend, really try to find it.

<regarding seeing his Friend, Elder Brandon Pulley>  Yeah it kinda kills me on the inside to not call him Brandon. We had a devotional Sunday and I recognized his head, and I had the puzzle, so I got it to him. We also met up for pictures with the map.

I really am learning to love the district and other Elders and our investigators. It really is awesome here. The two Elders who are having a harder time, love to make jokes that Goold is a funny name. I have a new phrase, "Whatever floats your goat" - Elder M. I also realize how blessed I was in my life with being able to serve in the Temple, being in the Elders Quorum Presidency, study habits, everything.

I am sick, despite my best efforts, sore throat is all though. I had an issue with my white shirts rubbing my neck raw, but that stopped. Not any other physical problems other than having a cold, or the nightly rampage of the Tongans on our floor. They start the Hakka(?) and then they start yelling and running around. It is terrifying. I love our teachers and the other people in our District. We have learned so much already. It is hard to fit into mini lessons though. I have been humbled by many things I realize I don't know, or for how many views I have missed in the past. But the most humbling thing so far was meeting Brandon’s companion, who is missing his right hand fingers.

We went to the temple this morning.  I won't be able to write until 2 Mondays from now, since we leave next Tuesday morning. But yea, hope you are all doing well, I am really pumped for people coming to the MTC, it is all about attitude and your ability to study and focus before your mission that will help in the MTC, and not make it a prison like it is for some. See ya on the flip side, I'll try and send pics in another email.


Elder Goold

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